TSN Top 50 CFL Players list - 2018

The list: Reilly reclaims top spot in CFL on TSN Top 50 Players

Stats (via 3DownNation):

The Bombers have the most players with nine, followed by the Riders, Ticats and Redblacks with seven. The Argos have six players, the Stamps, Esks and Lions have four.The Montreal Alouettes have just a single player on the list: defensive back Tommie Campbell at No. 35.

There are 13 receivers on the list, seven offensive lineman and only six quarterbacks – that’s right, there are more offensive lineman on the list than quarterbacks. There are also eight defensive backs, six linebackers, five defensive linemen and one kicker (Justin Medlock.)

10 of the players on the list are nationals, including Andrew Harris at No. 3 and Alex Singleton at No. 5. But eight of the 10 are in the bottom 25, including four offensive linemen.

Tiger-Cats on the list:
  1. Brandon Banks
  2. Larry Dean
  3. Richard Leonard
  4. Luke Tasker
  5. Ted Laurent
  6. Simoni Lawrence
  7. Jeremiah Masoli

Well we shall see if Masoli can move up the list this season. Right now he isn’t getting much respect outside of Hamilton since the 5 other QB’s listed are at 19 or above.

The QB’s that would be rated below him are Jennings in BC, who hasn’t done much, Willy in Montreal who has been in the league a number of years without much success, and Collaros for the Riders who obviously is well known to the Ticats.

Obviously, there are some “so called experts? that also cannot rate Masoli higher than what us TiCat fans would wish. JM needs to do more to move up in the eyes of external experts. It is clearly Not enough to just rank him higher on a song and dance, as we TiCat fans do. Right Bobo?

LOL...Right you are Slomo... ;DPlacing 49th out of 50 is a lot better than coming in at the #51 spot .

Well at least he is ranked higher than Zach who apparently didn't make the top 50 cut this time around , or did I just miss his name on there ? We all know that these Top Something lists are all very subjective and in all honesty shouldn't be taken too seriously . All one has to do is look at the #46 position( Mr Bond ) deemed one of the top 50 players in the league in-spite of the fact that he's currently unemployed and looking for work :o. Not to mention that there are several other worthy candidates that didn't make the grade for whatever reasons and others who perhaps made it based solely on past reputation alone .

In that category, I nominate Justin Medlock, Charleston Hughes, Kyries Hebert.

What the hell? No Manziel? He should have been anointed into the number one spot by default. 8)

And right on cue as I was saying above about Top Something Lists and subjectivity comes this from 3DN courtesy of Josh Smith .


The list was only for the top #50 players . Manziel didn't make it because he was ranked #1A+ 8)

Yep Bobo. Subjectivity is a wonderful thing. Gets people yapping.

My top three.

  1. Bo Mitchell

  2. Ryan Bomben

  3. Mike Reilly

My top three.

1.Mike Reilly

  1. Mark Chapman

3.Bo Mitchell

I say Hughes got lucky against toronto with three sacks. On one of them Ray hit the ground before he was even touched and Hughes only had to tag him. He will not exceed 10 sacks this season.