TSN Top 10 CFL plays of the year?

They’ve got to be kidding right?

Link to video:

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Just watched it for the 1st time myself.

Believe it or not, first thing I noticed was that no top 10 Offensive play involved us on D!

Close 2nd, where Speedy B at ???

Maybe Speedy makes the spectacular look ordinary at this point!

Other than Acklin’s spinnarama (with apologies to Danny Gallivan) move to catch his own rebound, perhaps we are so good that everything we did was not spectacular and everything every other team did HAD TO BE spectacular in order to make the play?

Speedy had 2 or 3 catches this year that were better than half those!

I guess the consequence of having accurate passers is that there is no need for spectacular catches

TSN (and whoever puts together the Plays of the Week) value spectacular catches over any other type of play in their highlights packages. Spectacular running takes longer to unfold and therefore makes for less compelling TV viewing.

What about the diving catch by STE earlier in the year. Too far back to remember I guess.
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What is impressive about that play is that STE in mid-dive had the presence of mind to adjust the ball so that it was secure when he contacted the ground. Great play. :slight_smile:

Ha, ha! Does that mean Tiger-Cat fans are all narcissists with persecution complexes??

I guess we have been called worse.:wink:

I believe that’s spelled NarCATsists !! ;D

Or how about Ted Laurent pancaking Dan Clark and making a 1 armed tackle to stop the Ridders on 3rd and short.

Big Teddy at his best

Being a Ticat fan automatically means you are a fan of great defense, imho. This play exemplifies great defense in the finest traditions of players like Mosca and Barrow.

More for the Hamilton top plays of the year