TSN top 10 CFL plays of 07

worst picks ever.

i hope that is not thier FINAL top 10.

where was that catch flick made early in the season where he reaches around a player and makes the catch for a TD?

where was lumsden running over hebert to the endzone?

where was stegalls record tieing catch in edmonton?

most that made the 'top 10' were just average plays.

terrible selections, tsn.

Who cares? Its just for fun…

I love the top tens. I still watch the 06 and 07 ones sometimes on youtube.

some are good to watch, a view this year were pretty abd calls. they loved the scrambling qb idea in my mind, and nothing really defensive

Is there a link to the "terrible" top ten?


It was a top ten of plays by players nominated for MOP, NOT a top ten for best plays this year.

Well given Postman Pat's latest insight, I would have to say they are okay.

They should have put Joseph's TD run against the Bombers in there instead of his TD pass to Childs against the Als.