TSN tonight CFL preview and top 50 players

Just wanted to point this out that this is on TSN tonight for those of us that still subscribe to cable. :wink:

Oh, and if all the top players are juiced and on PEDs, so be it. :wink:

big question is, who will be #1?

I'm going to say Jon Cornish.

Agree, he's a beast and without him (he also really motivates the o line I think with his ability), Bo ain't as good IMHO.

Cornish had trouble with fumbles early in his career, but he seems to have solved that. It's hard to find a flaw in his game now. If he's picked #1 would he be the first Canadian (though wasn't Cornish #1 last year?)?

What time does it start? I will log in to my Slingbox in Edmonton to watch it :rockin:

here are the times RP (EST)

8:00 PM - CFL Top 50 Players
8:30 PM - 2015 CFL Season Preview Show

BLM will be number 1.

I'm watching CFL around the table, episode 2; coaches - Scott Milanovich shaves his eyebrows off. Wtf. I've never noticed before because he is usually wearing a hat, which creates some shadows on his face, but it is clear in watching this, he shaves his eyebrows. :?

Well whatever he does with his appearance, he's got the confidence of the new Argo ownership with the new 3 yr deal think it is.

Hey, I shaved my chest once to show my pecs, well what pecs I did/do have that weren't exactly Arnie Schawzy pecs in any respect that's for sure!! More like 155 lb slightly overweight not great body in the least but does work out a bit. Now if I can just ditch the case of 24 Red Cap a week. But man I love this olidish Canadian ale, discount ale that does the trick!

next thing we know, bungle will be telling us he shaves his butt crack hair :wink:

Thatโ€™s a very gross picture FYB! Yikes!


are you sure that isn't the german goalies breasts??? :wink:

I am gonna go hide under my bed now, but I just couldn't resist.

Shave the hair a tad, thatโ€™ll do the trick though eh? :stuck_out_tongue: Cheeks are cheeks, rub a dub dub in the tub or wherever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bo ranked no. 1, tough to argue with. Cornish 2 and Elimimian no. 3. Chris Williams in the top 50, interesting as well. Full list:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/cfl-on-tsn-unveils-top-50-players-1.311950]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/cfl-on-tsn-unveil ... s-1.311950[/url]

Liked LaPolice's explanation of the 5 yards rule and examples for PI.

I would have had Cornish first, but the top three seem right.

I thought Mike Reilly and Swayze Waters should have been higher than they were placed.

Loooool at that silly list, especially the man-love for Elimimian and the clear bias against offensive linemen.


doug is number 1
Darren is number 50

end of story :slight_smile:

Cornish only played half the games and Bo wasn't any better or worse with or without him in the lineup.

Yup. As far as I'm concerned, no disrespect to anyone else but Reilly should have got the MoP trophy and until someone rises above this year he starts off #1 for me again.

Elimimian is a terrific player, but to give him MoP just means that the voters watch highlights and look at stat lines, never actually analyze how players play. And when they do watch the highlights, they only really follow the ball. Even when Stanley Bryant or Brendan Labatte bulldozes some LB right out of Cornish's or Allen's way and the block is RIGHT IN THE FRAME of the highlight, they only see Cornish or Allen supposedly being Superman.

If you were to ask 9 offensive coordinators which players gave them the most fits to game plan for, John Chick would be #1, then take your pick Charleston Hughes, Kyries Hebert, Sewell, maybe Bowman ... then probably Solly/Bighill.

Yes, a lot of subjectivity involved and in a game like football, very much a team game compared with many other sports, it makes choosing a top group of players even that much more difficult because of so many different roles involved. I'll be interested if Chris Williams is able to play at a high level after coming back from the NFL like Chick has proved with no letting down with Chick.

Can't wait for Thursday night and get 'er started, the off-season for my favourite league has been too long. "Making Contact" by Bruce Cockburn! :wink:

Hard to take a top 50 players list seriously when :
a] your #5 choice (Ricky Ray) is currently on the 6 gm and may not even play this season.
b] your #6 choice (John Chick) is currently on Saskatchewan's Suspended List
c] your #28 choice (Chris Williams) last played in the league in 2012
d] your #34 choice (John White) won't play a down of football this season.
e] your #45 choice (Henry Burris) at age 40 and clearly in decline can actually still crack the top 50 list.