TSN to Televise TiCats @ MTL pre-season game

The Johnny Effect: TSN to broadcast Ticats second pre-season game


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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Saturday's pre-season game between the @Ticats and @MTLAlouettes can be seen live on TSN1 and TSN5 at Noon et/9am pt

Happy to be able to stay home and see it. Was giving a little thought to a weekend in MTL.
But, OMG! What's next in the CFL? Maybe officially replacing the "C" with a "J" ?

Better to change the T in TSN to a J. I would say the league has been very reserved with Johnny, and vetted him heavily. It's the media - which TSN is at the spearhead of - that is gushing over Johnny.

You're absolutely right canadianfootballfan. My comment should have been directed at the media, not the league.

Being what you are, a Canadian football fan, I just find all of this hype by media outlets and individuals, many of whom pay so little attention to, and show so little respect for, the CFL to be so unprofessional. And, more upsetting to me is that so many of those in the media who do pay attention to, and do appreciate, the CFL seem to be right in step with it all, too. I see it as the unexplainable sports equivalent of the news value of anything the Kardashians do. With the latter, it's easy for me to just turn away or turn it off. But, I've never been able to stop reading, listening and watching anything related to the league I love.

I absolutely hate that the CFL is getting more attention than ever before.

I hate that they are talking about the CFL in the states. I hate that stations are televising and streaming CFL games more now than before.

as a "canadianfootballfan" I hate more than anything all this positive attention the CFL is getting.

I really wish this wasn't happening.

Are you confused? All I did was point out that it was the media - rather than the CFL itself - that is hyping Johnny up, and explained this to someone who thought it was the league.

I made no comment on my personal feeling toward things at all - simply pointed out the facts.

of course it is the media who is hyping up JFF.

that is their job.

nothing is better than those who see this attention as a negative.

suggesting changing tsn's name to include a letter from JM is weak...at best.

this additional attention the CFL is seeing, both from the league, the fans, the media, the states, the young folks, the old folks, the long standing fans, the new fans, everyone ... is great!

Once again... you're confused.

It’s also going to provide an excellent benchmark for the talent level, here. Two seasons of Johnny will really showcase the ability level here

Hey folks .... please don't go after canadianfootbalfan regarding this thread. I started it. All he did was straighten me out, in that it's the media, not the league causing all the Johnny hype.
While cff perhaps didn't recognize your sarcasm, Hometown Proud, I did, appreciated your humour, and realize it was prompted by my comments, not his. While we're disagreeing with each other, on this in general, I'm at greatest odds with your statement about "all this positive attention the CFL is getting." I don't see it as positive.

Well, I haven't seen or read anything negative about the CFL in any of the various media sources .... the only negative reporting is from the so called CFL "fans".

None of the American media has said anything negative about the CFL. In fact, most say the league will be great for JFF. That is positive in my eyes.

Unfortunately it seems most of the negativity comes from the fans. Now the fans of the western teams, well, they are just jealous. Can you imagine if JFF was on the Riders. Holy crap - he would be the next coming of Christ. However, hearing negative comments from our fans...well...just shows you can't please them all.

I work in business. I know what it takes to be successful. And laying it all out on the line, taking a chance like the Caretaker did with JFF, that's going for it ... Taking calculated risks makes you a winner in business (and successful in life). The Caretaker knows that.

Even had my boss at work (an Argo "fan", well, not really, but a Torontian), ask when the Cats are coming to play the Argos....he's a sports fan, just not a CFL fan...a 30 something Millennial wanting to see JFF play (and the exact target market CFL is so desperately trying to market to).

Any new fans are good fans in my eyes.

It doesn't surprise me, I was half-expecting it. On one hand I'm happy I get to watch it live, instead of listening it on radio, on the other hand I have to roll my eyes at the obvious reasons for it....

Previous years "why don't both of our preseason games get televised. Always the riders and the Argos. We always get treated second rate."

Then we get the Argo treatment for a change and we complain about the terms in which our game is being televised.

Hamilton, our home.

I agree all these so called "fans" need to get off their sanctimonious high horse

TSN is televising the game for the Hi ratings it will get for both RDS and TSN viewers watching JFF

JFF = Hi TV ratings

Hi TV ratings = $$$ for TSN

Well I wonder if ESPN (ESPN+) will also televise the game in the U.S. I can't figure out how to get the RDS feed yet.

Yes.... Awesome that ESPN+ just added Saturday’s game. No doubt there is going to be a lot of attention on the Ticats this season.

As a fan of both leagues, I think all of this coverage imo is awesome. Not since the days of the Stallions have the CFL being recognized as being legit in the eyes of US football fans. Put our product out there for all to see. Yes, ppl saying JF this JF that but in the long run National and International viewership and interest can only help in a way that all fans of football can enjoy and embellish.

Even if they didn't expect an immediate return in Canadian viewership for the game, it makes sense they'd want to fully cover and document the game in English for the sake of the US market now that it's confirmed Manziel is expected to get a lot of snaps in the game. It also means they'll have polished coverage of this game to pull clips from in the future if Manziel ever makes it to the top of the hill.

I'm not even completely sure what the issue is here, the ticats have NEVER had this kind of exposure in the US. We have not been at the top of Canadian sports pages in decades (maybe a brief time when we went 8-3, couple years ago)

This is all good, strengthens our brand, exposes our team and community - if JF has created this, so be it. Ride the wave....