TSN to partner with Argos?

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Braley has a chance to leave a legacy and not just a trail of lost money when his ownership ends, likely following next year’s Grey Cup, assuming an owner surfaces or more likely a partnership involving the league and its main broadcast carrier in TSN. And while next year is a big year for the Argos franchise, a bigger issue is to establish a foundation for the future. That’s where Braley must be more involved.
Braley to sell argos after next year??? ( i thought he was sticking around for 5 years ) a likely ownership stake for TSN???

this writer is either way off the mark and blowing smoke, or has some knowledge that most insiders do not.
i believe its the smoke, but who knows?

Why not.
Rogers owns the baseball team.
Their owner Bell has lots of dough.
It would be a great boost for the ARgos and the league.
Finally one of our big corporations invests in a CFl team.
Hopefully its true.
Would mean TSN has big plans for this league

i don't dispute that it would be a great thing for the argos and the CFL.
it's just this is the first i've heard of this possibility, and am not sure if there is any truth to it.

would rogers allow a bell-owned team to play at the rogers-centre?
would be strange.

I would think Rogers would have no choice.
Then again with Bell's money, would a stadium be next?
One thing for sure.
The Argos finally get a stable owner who wants to see the league succeed.

the possiblilites would be endless, if true.

You gotta think too if TSN wants in, they will for sure offer some decent money for the next TV deal.
They must know what the numbers will be.
If this league can get its teams some decent TV money, then a franchise is a good investment.

I'm not sure how reputable this journalist is, but this isn't the first time I've heard of TSN possibly owning the argos. I don't think it's that far-fetched. TSN owned the argos in the past and given the amount of work TSN is doing trying to prop up the argos, I'd say where there's smoke, there's fire.

There certainly would be a precedent, the Philadelphia Flyers are owned by the same company that owns OLN/Versus/NBCsports which is the NHL's national partner in the USA. It could also be good for TSN. If they own the argos, they are part of the CFL BOG and have even more input as how the league works. It would also likely eliminate the prospect of any other competitor owning CFL rights (ie CBC).

The only thing I question is the timeline. I'm not sure Braley can or would sell the team so soon. Although it's my belief that he will sell the Lions either this off-season or next (likely next year).

It would be good for the argos, and the cfl.

Hopefully tsn wont be the same with the argos as CBC is with the Leafs. The amount of leaf propaganda and brown-nosing on cbc and HNIC is nauseating.

i think i'd want the argo propaganda..lol

influence people to go to the games and put money into the league.

rogers beats that blue jays-drum all day long. cbc is all about the leafs.
it would be good to have tsn blowing the argos/cfl-horn all day.

TSN owned the argos in the past
To my recollection, TSN purchased the Argos from Gretzky/Candy and McNall after McNall's tenuous legal issues, but I don't remember why TSN subsequently sold the team thereafter...

anyone know?

From the information I could pull T.O Argos were under TSN Enterprises but owned by Labatts Brewing Company from 1994 to 1999

from the book Pinball: The Making of a Canadian Hero By Perry Lefko

"the Argos had lost much of their lustre. The previous ownership, Interbrew S.A., a Belgium brewery that picked up the team as one of several properties when it purchased the Labatt Brewing Company, no longer wanted any involvement in sports. Interbrew told the Canadian Football League it would only operate the team until the end of the 1999 season and to find an owner at any price."

then it wasn't really TSN who owned the argos in the past.


I remember Cynamon and Sokolowski (Argos previous owners, for those just joining us) talking about trying to set up a “strategic partnership”, and that it was failing to do that that led them to sell the team to David Braley. I recall the strong insinuation that the strategic partner was TSN. If that was the case (big if), then I don’t know what could have changed to rekindle TSN’s interest in the Argos.

Over in the Friends of the Argonauts forum, someone heard (one of those friend-of-a-friend type deals) that Rogers was planning on purchasing the Argos and doing a major retrofit of Rogers Centre to make it a football-only facility, then running the CFL team and anticipating the arrival of the relocated Buffalo Bills.

I suspect it’s all untrue. Ziccarelli’s not a real football insider the way Stephen Brunt, David Naylor, or Mark Masters is, so I HIGHLY doubt that Ziccarelli heard anything before any of those three.

Basicly… the Argos losses would be subtracted from CFL TV revenues… Basicly what S&C wanted…
They basicly wanted the other CFL teams to subsidise the Argos because of TV revenues…
Sadly… Toronto has become an albatros around thew CFLs neck…
The only hope for the Argos is that the MLS ponzi scheme collapses and BMO field is renovated to fit a CFL field…
Even at that… BMO is a crappy stadcium with horrible weather and winds…why you would build a stadium on a previous site that was dubbed “the mistake by the lake” is laughable…


I don't think MLS is going anywhere anytime soon...

And wasn't it the STADIUM that was called the mistake by the lake (here's why: http://mopupduty.com/wp-content/uploads ... 8399_n.jpg), and not the site?

That's why CBC has Glenn Healy, to tick off all the leafs fans and be a jerk, and make all the other fans happy because everyone else has an unjust hate for the leafs.

TSN has made Lots of coin from the CFL braodcasts,., maybe time to give some back to the CFL?

Agree with your summary, especially the BMO crap like bleacher stadium which is a horrible structure..

Even the TFC Red.Patch boys, someone on the forum there, they could sell BMO to C & S so they could build a better stadium, the poster I remember was saying the Argos would be perfect suckers for BMO. So it seems that even some of those TFC fans aren't keen on the stadium.

I could see the Argos as a throw in on the next TV deal.