TSN to open e-store

TSNShop.ca Beginning tomorrow, TSN will give fans an opportunity to take home part of the network with the launch of TSNShop.ca. Allowing fans to purchase TSN merchandise for the first time, the e-store will feature a wide range of clothing and sporting items for men and women including T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and sports bags. Fans can own a piece of TSN history with exclusive vintage TSN gear featuring the original yellow and black TSN logo. [b]Football fans can also get exclusive CFL ON TSN merchandise on TSNshop.ca.[/b]
I thought this was pretty cool for a couple reasons. 1) It'll be interesting to see what sort of CFL on TSN gear they'll be selling. 2) A lot of people like to complain about how TSN treats the CFL... Well, with TSN selling CFL gear in its shop, I'd say the network is treating the league quite well.

The store opens tomorrow. I'm excited! :smiley:

Edit: I forgot to include the source. This was part of their 25th Anniversary article.


I sure hope I can buy one of those Yellow sport jackets they had in the early 80's, the Chicks dig those.


Tomorrow is now.

I don’t care for “Property of…” shirts but I’d wear the Canadian Football tee.

I like the CFL on TSN sweatshirt. It's just a shame they want $55 for it. They have a couple cool items, though. Hopefully they add more. :smiley:

This is a nice shirt: http://www.tsnshop.ca/img/600/TSN926.jpg

In my opinion whoever designed the "distressed" part of it did it wrong, it should be more faded and such instead of just having portions coming off of it.

I still might buy it, lol.

I think I'm going to order the distressed one. It looks pretty cool.

Why don’t they sell DVDs of games? Seeing how all the games are on TSN now, it’d be nice if they released DVD collections after every season for each team. I’ve always wanted to be able to buy DVDs of grey cups or have access to full game library. All this should slowly come to fruition with only having one provider. I noticed they have started with releasing games on Itunes

Seriously! I'd love to build up a collection of playoffs and Grey Cups on dvd.