TSN to continue to be the exclusive broadcaster of CFL games

I get the NBCSports games live here in NM. I like to DVR them and play back same night without knowing the score. Fast forward between plays halftime and commercials and you get to see a game in less that one and a half hours. I agree NBCSports did not show that many games, dont know what other channel would be better thats not already tied up with other sports, maybe USA Network?

Link to an announcement from either the CFL or TSN, please?

Globe and Mail, the CFL or TSN will announce it when they've worked out the final $$ amount

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/tsnrds-retain-exclusive-cfl-rights/article8104468/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le8104468/[/url]

Thanks mike for that article. Can someone explain this to me, I'm missing something that Bruce Dowbiggan seems to understand:

While the CFL brand remains strong in the West, a lack of coverage could be crucial in Ontario, where the league is fighting to retain its profile against a number of competitors.

A lack of coverage in Ontario? Of what coverage? By Sportsnet? Well, thinking about this, I suppose he means that Sportsnet and the Score will purposely now put any coverage on their sports highlights shows after dog racing highlights or ping pong. Doesn't affect me since I basically just watch Sportscentre for all my highlights, I never watch or PVR the highlights from Sportsnet Connected or The Score although I'm sure people who are say Blue Jays fans first and foremost and don't care about the CFL will just watch for the most part Connected as that will be up front all the time.

What having all the games on TSN does for me is make TSN that much more crucial to watch but yes, in the s Ontario market, it probably makes TSN a bit less important than Connected or Sportscentre as there are more exclusive Blue Jays fans around here in s Ont than CFL fans for sure, if I'm making sense here. :? But TSN and Sportscentre still carries Blue Jays and I find I get enough with that rather than the overkill Sportsnet does with the Jays, too much detail for me for just one team. I don't need to know what a star pitcher ate for breakfast on the day of the game, just like to watch a few Blue Jays games once in a while especially when they play my Tigers and watch highlights, which Sportscentre provides.

As it is, Hamilton and Ottawa are getting new CFL stadiums so I suppose it's a bit of a mute point that all the games are on TSN and the CFL will have lesser coverage overall on Sporstnet and The Score. Hasn't really affected anything that much anyways with Sportsnet and The Score not covering the league much. So not much of an issue, even if Sportsnet carried a game or two or The Score, the CFL would still be way behind the Blue Jays and MLB in coverage anyways on these channels.

Earl it just means that to watch CFL you have to make sure you have TSN ..
and that limits the audience to cable subscribers ..or sat subscribers however you watch your TV

Now if anyone wants any rights to broadcast games they will have to go through TSN something that is not likely going to happen since TSN will just air it ..

What about playoffs and Grey Cup are they exclusively on TSN too ?? I havn't been in Canada during the end of the season in quite a few years

Well if i lived in Canada i would say so .. i haven't stepped foot on canadian soil in a while and always in the warm months

You my friend are mistaken me for mikem ..i don't visit a place and say i live there :wink: lol

So no i do not know the answer to that one i am in the south i do not get to watch CFL on TV and when it is on it's always a replay and i already know the outcome but that was about 2 games in the last 3 years ... there may have been more i only ever was able to catch 2 that were on ..both Argo games too :expressionless:

So apparently your attempt to be funny was again just another stupid waste of a post .. or do you have an answer

OH and no i don't really care if you buy season tickets or not .. that and kissing bob young's ass being a forum yes man to him does not make you any more special

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And that is enough said. You just don't' count that much in my books, you don't live here all year round. Why do you think a lot of Hamiltonians hate Scott Mitchell? He doesn't live in Hamilton. Where do you live? Figure it out, big boy...

I live here 12 months of the year and spend my money for groceries that time at Food Basics, Freshco, No Frills, Fortinos, Foodland, Metro etc. every day, I'm helping our youth who work here, trying to make money to go to college or put food on the table for their family, continue to work here, 12 months of the year, unlike you.... Wherever you are :?

year all year round ... did you mean live in Hamilton all year round ? I don't live there at all i said so many times i live in the south year round.. what does that matter are you trying to be special???

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How much money do you put into the local economy here?.... I bet a lot less than my $31.00 an hour job does...

Special? I'm not special, I'm a nobody, a guy on the assembly line in some places makes more than I do, but at least I spend a lot of money right here in Hamilton all the time.

Who cares where you spend your money .. oohhh $31.00 an hour yes your just driving the economy there

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Who cares where I spend my money? People where you live and where I live care, people in the local area prefer you buy your groceries in the city town where you live rather than say a larger shopping area in a larger town 15miles down the road. It's about supporting local if at all possible if it makes sense. And that does matter.

Go to the mods? You go ask the mods when I've asked for their help? I don't remember if I've ever done it. I have no agenda other than what I like to talk about. Yes, I've called out people who have said the WH was the best site. I think I'm allowed to do that for my own opinion even though in reality I have no idea what the best site was but I've always maintained if Bob likes it enough, then I like it. If that is ass kissing and not thinking for myself or fence sitting or ying yang, so be it. I trust Caretaker more than I do any politician in this city and if that makes me stupid, then I'm stupid as can be.

I think it's time for you to take a long holiday. It's about opinions on these forums and not personal attacks.

I read it when it was published. Here’s what the story said, in part:

[i]Sources indicated Friday that TSN had reached an agreement in principle to retain exclusive broadcast and digital rights for the CFL. Terms, however, were not immediately available.

CFL spokesman Jamie Dykstra said: “The process is ongoing.?

TSN did not reply to a request for comment.[/i]

To me, that does not sound like an “announcement” by the CFL or TSN.

I note the change in your original reply from “Yes, it’s official” to “Yes, but it’s unofficial.” Pretty big difference, that.

talkin to the wrong person there mikem.. he started in on me you probably should leave it alone huh

I started in on you? :roll:

Look, we are both TiCat fans. We both get a bit riled up and like to let out our emotions, that's ok as long as it's in check. I don't care if you don't like me or not, that's irrelevant, but lets just try and be more civil I think.

I may not be fun, but have to admit, I think you're fun. And that is a compliment to be honest.

I don’t think Dawg is a Ticat fan is he?
He must be an Argo fan.

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Yes with your reply on here you did ... and what was said was said and we are both grown men and that was last night this is today ..time to move on till we tick each other off again it's quite possible we might right?

And i did reply to you at first and was quite civil and asked a question and you came after me with your rant ..probably cause you were still ticked at me for telling you you keep insulting people .. so you insulted me ..hahaha good one :stuck_out_tongue:

But can the question at least be answered .. are the playoffs and Grey Cup solely on TSN these days too ?

hey mike why are you trying to keep it going?

[i]But can the question at least be answered .. are the playoffs and Grey Cup solely on TSN these days too ?[/i]
Yes dawg, here in Canada that is the case. In the US I don't know what networks it is on.