TSN to continue to be the exclusive broadcaster of CFL games

According to the Globe and Mail......

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/tsnrds-retain-exclusive-cfl-rights/article8104468/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le8104468/[/url]

Good news.

Love TSN - hate Glen Suitor. Hope the new contract requires him to take a breath once in awhile.

i love the CFL on TSN. i would love it even more if rod black wasn't a part of it. 8)

Yes, I agree!! I think people like his non-stop chattering. That's one reason why I like the Brit soccer announcers, there is only one guy doing the play by play and they don't have a side kick trying to fill dead air all the time.

I don't have a problem with Suitor at all. The guy is passionate about the CFL and I welcome his expert analysis.

After listening to Phil Simms or Dan Dierdorf, "Suits" sounds pretty good. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Anybody know anything about NBC Sports plans for the telecast of CFL games this season? They had a partial years broadcast last year that was ok but I would like to see more. Watching the games on demand on TSN or ESPN3 dosent seem as good. I dont understand why so many fans in the US are interested in preseason NFL games, way too many games that dont mean anything. The CFL has it right with only two preseason games.

TSN has done an excellent job of promoting the CFL and broadcasting the games. This is great news. And I like Suitor's contributions. He knows the game and is passionate about it. I can't ask for more.

An Argo-Cat fan

I've never had a problem with Suitor's Quality............... sick and tired of the Quantity.

Agreed: The quality is there, but perhaps a little too much so. To me, it would be neat if the TSN camera operators
took some time to pan the crowd and interview the odd fan. I think this would add to the overall atmosphere.

[i][b]"Negotiations evidently came down to the last minute, after weeks of intensive talks.

TSN’s previous deal was at approximately $17-million per year, and the CFL had been aiming to more than double that figure."[/b][/i]

This is the most important part of the story!
This is great news.

If the TV rights are close to $40M in a 9 team league, that is $4M per team/yr with $4M left over to run the league.
I think the cap per team is $4M which is enough to take care of payroll for the players.
Each team must also get Radio agreements and advertising agreements.
This is money before even one ticket has been sold!
Along with all the new and modern Stadiums being built in the league, I would think the future of the league has never been stronger.

I think the fit for the CFL in the US is on Spike or Fuel TV.

The problem I had with NBC Sport was that most games were not "live", the Saturday games were televised at 11PM. I watched the games on TSN VOD after they were over which was before they aired on NBC SN. The playoff games were all on tape delay too, NBC SN will not show the CFL on Sunday head to head against the NFL. They also won't put the CFL up against college football on Saturdays, that's why they broadcast on tape delay at 11PM.
The problem with Spike and Fuel is they are not in "HD" and hard to find. NBC SN is available on most packages.

Great news! TSN has been a true partner of the CFL.

If only there was some figure skating league Rod Black could work during the season.

Is this official? Has the league opened the contract up to bids? I would rather see the CBC get it back so it would be on TV in America again.

Yes, it's official and most people are happy that it's not on CBC. I'm sure the CFL will try to find a network in the US, NBCSN or NFL network, it's a tough sell to show CFL games in Sep to Nov.
The other option in the US is to watch tape delay games on TSN VOD or you watch the "unofficial" games on the internet.

You get the CBC in Ohio?

uh Spike and Fuel are both in "HD" and not at all hard to find ..

No I don't but other regional sports networks around the country broadcast games for years because they bought the rights to the CBC feed which is an over the air network. Once TSN took over, being strictly a cable channel, the price became to high and the regional American networks stopped showing games.

As I’ve explained to people before, NBCSN and NFL network are in a minuscule amount of homes compared with what they try and tell you. Just because they might be “carried” by a provider doesn’t mean people are going to pay top dollar to get the channel. (They are not part of any basic cable or satellite plan) People pay enough for crappy TV in this country and they’re just not willing to pay any more with the economy the way it is. When CBC had it channels like MSG, NESN,Altitude Sports and many other regional networks carried the CFL around the country because they could get the rights from the CBC cheap. Now with TSN and the high price the CFL will hardly be seen in the US anymore.