TSN ticks me off!!!!

That poll on how many wins the Cats will get this season ticked me off!!!!!

Now more than ever I'll be praying to the Football Gods to turn this thing arround for the Cats!!!!
and shove that poll up their @!$#!!!!!!!!

I'm getting a little sick and tired of TSN dudes trashing hamilton on air...come to the Hammer and do it boys!!!!!!!!!!! :x


Personally, I hope more people fan the flames of intensity on our team.

Doug Berry.
Bag headed doofus'
TSN polls.

More, more.

slow down there buddy. its a stupid poll.

but you know, its like that saying.. "the truth hurts"

NST ticks me off even more.

To tell you the truth.....you hurt me !!! lol

I'm not that mad just blowing off some steam, but they do slam us a lot!!!

what do you want them to do? give us all lollypops.
Ticats are a horrible team, the record the past few years make that obvious.

Better get used to it.
Next year the games will only be televised by TSN. They will pretty much be taking over.

Yes, that would be nice, you wanna lick my lollypop????
jk toots!!!!!!!!!

Which I am a little more grateful for, I was watching the BC - Calgary game and I just couldn't stand the announcers.

I cant wait for TSN to take over.

Cuthbert owns broadcasting. I'd pay to hear that guy read the dictionary

Just be glad TSN is talking about us at all. If you remember, last year on TSN they wouldn't even talk about the Cats during the pre-game show right before a CATS game! They would talk about the other team, or the double header later that night, but nothing more than an acknowledgement that the Cats were playing.

They made most of the pre-game show vs. Winnipeg about Hamilton, so that's a good start. But don't expect much more from TSN the rest of the way unless we start winning and giving them something to talk about.

This is a common complaint from CFL fans. The only problem is, the NFL announcers aren't any good either. Hello Joe Theisman (fired), the rest of the ABC crew (talk to a celebrity instead of calling the game), John Madden (sounds drunk all the time), Al Michaels (story telling machine), and my personal favourite for worst announcer EVER: PHIL SIMMS! Wow is he bad.

The NBA guys aren't much better, the exception being they are real homers. They make their team sound so amazing even if they are cellar dwellers. But that's what you'd like out of your home town crew (hear that CH!).

Normally I would say that announcers try to be fair to both teams but after watching the last while I have gotten the feeling the CBC and TSN have been ignoring Hamilton. Take the last game. I know that Stegall's accomplishment was monumental but after staring at his face for what seemed forever I got a bit peeved. Then at half time there was Stegall again, no half time game analysis, nothing. We were given little or no info on Hamilton's new players. The only thing I heard about the Cats was some comment on about how the crowds will probably be dropping for the next game.
I have grown tired of the announcers rambling on about the other teams this and that. Come on guys give us some encouraging words and a bit of air time!

The guy just broke the all-time touchdown record! How many times does that happen? I couldn't get enough of the Stegall story. He's one of the all-time CFL greats and you're complaining? C'mon man, the game at the half wasn't overly exciting, what was the score, 15-14? 14-12? Boooring. I'm glad they talked about Stegall's record.

:thup: over the years, there have been many other players I would rather have seen get this record, but its stegalls, and he deserved the attention. :rockin:

Extensive closeups of his nostrils that were a little hard to take. Do they have to get in his face.

thats somethings that has always pissed me off about all the networks doing all sports.

Extensive closeups are all the rage. They even do this is movies. Take the 'Bourne' series of movies, or the Lord of the Rings or any action movie these days. The camera is so bloody close you can't get a good view of what's going on. Pan out a little geez!

boy, if it were not for the kids on the site, could I tell a stories about closeup with stage lights and…

It was the results of the poll which ticked me off!

The nerve of some people thinking Hamilton is going to win more than 3 games.

Those votes could only have been cast by some very optimistic fans from Hamilton.