Leading up to the preseason, Chris Schultz takes a preview look at each team in the CFL. Today, he looks at the ongoing improvements with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are an organization that has a strong and attractive tradition of the past that may, in the present, have a team equal to the 1999 Grey Cup championship team. And in the future, they should have a new stadium once the powers that be decide where it will be built.

I agree with Chris on all but 1 point the Stadium but there enough Stadium Threads.
So I will say He right The road to Grey cup leads threw Montreal and we must beat them to Get the Grey Cup

Last paragraph of Schultz's column sums it up perfectly.


Given the latest thread on York U and the Pan-Am stadium......I would say the only time the Tiger-Cats may be playing in a new stadium is when they play away games against the Blue team. :cry:

Mr 62 Please keep this thread on Topic this year Team not the Stadium.
We have tons of Stadium Threads.. post it there

Great tradition but the Hall of Fame game in many years didn't even attract 20,000, embarrassment. Some great fans but not enough I don't think. I'm starting to think that the city of Hamilton should be happy to host a Hall of Fame exhibition CFL game like Canton, Ohio, a city that once had a team but now doesn't. The writing is on the wall I think for the Cats in Hamilton if no stadium deal, it's lights out for the TigerCats in Hamilton at that point.

Was referring to how the Cats do vs. MTL as opposed to just being happy making the playoffs.

zontar: I thought the last paragraph of Chris's column you were agreeing with was about the new stadium.
My apologies if I mis-read it.

The paragraph from that article that I thought summed up our situation well was this one:

Continuity in football wins and for the first time in a long time, the Ticats have continuity. There will be less change with personnel than recent years, which means instead of evaluating, Hamilton can concentrate on mastering systems, ideas, techniques and execution.
But I understand the importance of being able to beat the Als, and I would like this team to do that at least once this year.

well hopefully last season is an indication of the Ti-Cats finally turning the corner and getting back into some good seasons .. i do not think they are a championship team now.. but maybe in the near future .. even if they beat Montreal they still have to make the playoffs and win there .. but i don't think they are quite there yet

I think they are ready to take a run to the Cup this year....no reason why not!
The team should be better in offence, defence, and ST.
Coach Marshall being back is HUGE.
Jamall Johnston with a training camp under his belt
Kevin Glen as the new #1 QB
Arland Bruce for a whole season
Signed the #1 Placekicker in the league
We know what we have in Stala and Matt Kirk and Cobb where we did not last spring
The team is ready to take the next step!

Why would the Cats not be a favorite to compete for the Cup?

Ok a favourite may be a stretch and yes anything is possible ... I'd love to see them win the cup .. my realistic side says not this year

I have no problem calling this team a favourite to win the grey cup.
In addition to what was said up there, we now have Maurice Mann who has been extremely impressive in TC.
Another ST beast tackler in Jerome Dennis.
Tons of competition at the KR spot with the likes of Demetris Summers, Reggie Fish, Damon McDaniel,Andrew Hamilton, etc.
Tons of competition in the secondary with guys like Dylan Barker, Will Poole, Rodney Van and Jykine Bradley.
A new deep RB core with the likes of Deandra cobb who rushed for 1,217 yards in his rookie season and had a few hundred receiving yards also, former NFL 3rd round pick Brian Calhoun and Demetris Summers.
A new, bigger, stronger Simeon Rottier competing and likely winning the fight to start at RG, along with an impressive Jason Jiminez at RT.
A rock solid coaching staff with solid new additions in Burrato, Kearse and Cameron.
A young Canuck punter with amazing directional skills in Palardy.
Supposed ST demons in Fournier and Dalloul.
Not to mention the best LB corps in the CFL.
The future looks bright, expect bigs things this season.