TSN Telecasts play by play volume

In watching all types of televised sports, occasionally the volume of the play by play personnel is low in comparison to the background volume of the crowd.

It's not a case of the play by play personnel being located in a noisy area, crowd microphones are placed at each facility, plus the parabolic mikes we see on the sidelines.

Last year there were several hockey games televised from Toronto, where (I assume) the sound engineers choose the variance between the volume of the play by play too close to that of the crowd microphones.

However, the volume of the play by play in relation to the crowd noise of the CFL at all venues is such that at some times is impossible to hear the play by play. This has been going in for years.

I know TSN is trying to give the viewer "a feel of the atmosphere at the game", but really.

I don't generally watch the NFL, but just switched to a game to see how the sound was. No such problem, and we all know the numbers of fans who attend those games.

TSN facilities, graphics, support staff etc, is apparently on a shoe string budget, but adjusting the volume doesn't cost a cent.

I sent a comment to TSN several weeks ago and didn't even get the courtesy of a response.

Anyone else notice this ?

TSN uses the centre channel speaker exclusively for the play-by-play commentator/analyst for CFL telecasts. The front and rear surround speakers are used for sideline noise (and commercials). Depending on your surround sound system, i.e. the resistance of your centre channel speaker affects the volume (a 4 ohm or 6 ohm centre speaker will be louder than a 8 or 16 ohm speaker, for example). So the crowd noise from the front/back speakers might be overpowering the centre channel play-by-play volume.

Other posters have complained about TSN's CFL sound quality when using 2-channel stereo speakers. All the surround sound outputs are "mixed" into 2 speakers with varied results, depending on your system.

You could try increasing the volume of the centre channel or decreasing the front/side volume if your system allows you to. Another option might be to disable your front and/or rear speakers during CFL games to cut down on the cacophony of sideline sounds. That guy with the cowbell in Winnipeg comes through very loud and clear on my left/rear speaker. :wink:

I was just saying this yesterday as well. :x Cant hear a word the commentators or play by play guys are saying at all. turning up volume does not help at all :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I watch/listen to CFL games on various TV's in my home. Even on the main TV where I have surround I don't bother pumping general TV through surround and can't on the others.

The volume of the background, the horns, noise makers, yelling, stadium PA systems etc etc, is so loud that the last few games I've turned off, opting for other entertainment. For many years I've watched each and every game, and now that isn't the case.

I would have thought that TSN would adjust their transmission so that there wasn't a risk of annoying viewers.

They certainly aren't helping the CFL doing this.

I don't have the same audio problems watching/listening to NFL games.

You're 100 % correct, turning up the volume just increases the background noise along with the play by play. Also, if you turn the volume down to reduce the annoying noises coming from the stadium then you really can't hear a word the play by play say.

I wonder what they guys calling the game think about being drowned out by the crowd.

On a normal weekend I would have watched all the games, I didn't watch Thursday's game, I watched the end of the Calgary/Toronto game and turned off the BC/Edmonton game because of the noise, I recorded the Hamilton/Montreal game and watched a quarter, got fed up with the noise checked the volume of an NFL game, which was fine, nothing like the CFL, then gave up watching the game again because of the noise.

The crowd noise should be in the background to give some atmosphere to the telecast, not dominate it.

I opened a thred on this topic a couple of weeks ago.
Since nobody commented, I assumed nobody but I had a problem with the audio on broadcasts.
Where were all the complaints then?

In addition to the general stadium noise, what I found even more irritating was hearing the actual comments from fans sitting closest to the broadcast booth.
A couple of Tiger-cats fans at THF could be heard clearly with their stupid comments throughout the game.
The same situation often exists in Regina.

I'm not sure the voices we hear are from people near the broadcast booth, it's possible, I guess. The network, be it when broadcasting football, baseball, or hockey have mikes placed all over the place to pick up crowd sounds.

It seems to have gotten worse in the last couple of years. I guess some at TSN had the "brilliant" idea it would bolster viewing numbers.

Did the opposite in my case.

I watch the games with no sound... Can't stand anyone on TSN anymore. How can they have the same guys for every game. It started with Roders,but soon I got annoyed with Dunnigan,and now Cuthbert has started to piss me off.. I can't stand Chris Schultz either

getting annoyed with dunigan doesn't speak much for you.

He's a backwater bumpkin from Louisiana who has had brain damage. I'm sure I'm not the only one

For me, it all depends on the sound setting on my TV. Some of the settings, all I could hear was the crowd. Another, labelled "Voice", pretty much eliminated the sound from the side channels. I tried it for a few minutes a while back, but went back to what I have now as I like hearing a bit of crowd noise.

I know this isn't available on all TVs, but most new HD TVs probably have different sound settings you could try.

TSN does turn up the volume and it makes the crowd seem noisier and bigger than it actually is, it's all to do with marketing trying to make the game more exciting for viewers. If you watch an NFL game you can hardly hear the crowd from the broadcasts, yet being in the stands at an NFL game with 70k it's deafening at times. If they didn't filter out the crowd noise you would never hear the play-by-play guy.

That sounds like heaven. :stuck_out_tongue: