TSN team commercials

Anyone seen the Ticat version of the team-specific commercials for CFL on TSN. I've seen three or four teams, some several times, but not the one for the Cats. Given the team's recent history, I'm really intersted in the theme of that one.

Anyone know of anyplace they can be viewed online - checked the TSN site and Youtube but nothing there.

Don't know where you can find them, but I think they ran the Ticats one during the Sask/Montreal game last week.

If I recall correctly, low-key voice over by Lumsden about how "This is Hamilton football" or something to that effect. Highlights were mostly (all?) from last year as far as I can tell. Showed plays by Lumsden, Nate Curry, and I think Jo Jo Walker. No monster hits jumped out. It didn't make much of an impression on me.

The one I saw, I think had Obie doing the voice over.

Ah yes. You are right. Obie, not Lumsden. That's the one I saw.

Thanks, I'll watch for it.

What interests me is that in the ones I've seen they seem to try to capture the spirit of the place/franchise. Edmonton - entitled to win. Montreal - everything's a party. Calgary - new centre of the universe swagger.

Given the recent past of the franchise in Hamilton, it's a bit trickier to capture the state of the franchise in a commercial that's supposed to promote the league.