Check out TSN's playoff countdown to-day 10am on now!!!! :thup:

Thanks! I would have missed the whole show had you not posted this your note - instead, I just missed a few minutes of it. I love the TSN guys - they do the BEST interviews. I wish they covered every game.

I wish I had seen it. 10:00 am est is 8:00 am where I am. Just a bit too early on a Sunday morning for me.

I see CBC’s pregame show starts a whole 30 minutes before the first game… 30 minutes of pregame for two playoff games. PATHETIC.

CFL, do yourself a favour and let TSN do the playoff games next year and from then on.

CFL on TSN and FNF on CTV....that's how is SHOULD be!!!

Any red-blooded Canadian who watched the NFL games this afternoon should be ashamed of themselves. Two great football games and yet a bunch of easily influenced hype-lemmings missed it in favour of boring four down football.

Anyway, now that the conference semi-finals are over, I can go watch the Manning vs Brady match.