TSN studio show

Looks like last years crew from the TSN studio show are back together for another year.
I like the chemistry between Climie, Schultz, and Dunnigan. Okay, what the hell, I'll even give
a nod to Randorf. There was talk at the end of last season of Dunnigan moving on to other ventures.
Especially nice to see Matt staying with the show.

No question, it works for me as well this group, me likes! :thup:

What else does Matty have to do? Talk of him going back into coaching but he's probably having more fun being an analyst.

The guys on TSN are great. Everything TSN does, turns to gold.

I am so glad that CBC doesn't have anything to do with the CFL. I will take Rod Black over Chris Walby any day of the week.

Yes, TSN puts on a much more professional show and image compared with the "Don Cherry" gold standard CFL. Yikes! NHL, tell CBC to get rid of him, he doesn't even know his stuff anymore when you listen to him and usually now I just turn him off and don't watch, it's pathetic. Thank god the CFL and TSN is above that crap of Cherry. He's an embarrasement to the NHL and CBC. Don, go sit at home and reeeeeeeeeelax my man. You're a multimiliionaire past your prime, way past.

The panel of Jock, Matt and Chris is the best in any TV sports. Period.

But do you like the suits? :cowboy:

I can't Stand Climie Typical Lawyer...
I like see them Bring in Pinball or someone new

Minute, là. I resemble that comment !! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I was not a pinball fan when he did some sideline and such reporting before. i found him a little annoying. i wouldnt mind seeing damon allen do a few spots on occasion. and im a brian williams fan as well.

There bringing in Stegal.

id trade Clime for Duane Ford....or Randorf of Ford....gotta get Ford on that panel.

Duane Forde is my fav. He calls games well and seems to have a soft spot for Hamilton where most other's don't

Thw TSN provides a good show. However, one criticism I have is when one particluar TSN staff member provides " insights "of some aspect of play while the camera and mike, is removed from the actual play on the field. It is irritating when the focus is away from the actual play on the field and, often all or part of the field action is not viewable. Some times commercials also take away from field action.

Great show but they need to do something about the opening intro theme song. It sounds like it was done by some high school aged kids in their parents garage. I wish they would buy the CBC’s CFL theme from the late 1980’s. Heck if they did it in hockey…

Other than Climie, I like the studio crew. Even Randork. I like when they take the show on the road, being involved with the atmosphere and excitement. Time will tell if Stegal fits into this role: I guess it all depends how he performs as a sideline reporter.
I have to agree with other posters, they are one of the best panels in all of sports.

And as for the opening theme - that needs a major overhaul. Who did they get for that, Weird Al??

I agree, but they gotta make that money

I'm looking forward to see how Stegall works out. As long as he doesn't go over the top he should be fine.

Leave Weird Al Alone.. He do a Better job then Hacks who did the Current one