TSN streaming service - attention cord cutters

25 bucks per month

Yes ; Thank you for sharing .

Price is a little high but I guess can’t have everything .

It's long overdue. Same price as Sportsnet Now, so I'm curious how their subscribers numbers are with that.

Welcome to the 21st century TSN...population....you

Wow ...thats pricey

Just in time for the World Cup. Not a coincidence - I'm sure. (Good timing for CFL fans who have cut the cord too). Good to know it is an option down the road - but I'm a long way from being a cord cutter still.

I don't think it is a horrible price if you want CFL and not much else. That is like 2 bucks a game or so over the course of a season. Same price as Sportsnet's version.

If you have cable it would obviously be pointless as you probably already get web-based streaming for free. If you don't and you want the channel, this is a solid option.

I agree it's not that costly. I'd pay $25 a month just for access to the CFL games.

Maybe it's just me but the price point needs to be under $20 .

$ 19.99 maybe a better price point why not under cut the competition anyways .

As for me I can afford the $ 25 but it's getting close to the essential bundle price or basic cable which is $25 .

To get all of 74 of the channels and both TSN and sports net it's $59 .Plus you can choose another 5 channels .

It's almost a competitive negative going on with that price point that was instilled by cable and sat providers to protect their interest and that 25 was an agreed to price for both .

Some call it price fixing others call it........

The TSN Go App is free if you have a cable / IPTV (ie Bell, SaskTel, Telus) account.

Apple announced this week that the new Apple TV will support it as well.

TSN Go App also works on Android and iOS smartphones.

Or you can simply stream it through s browser on pretty much anything

As long as that's the case, I could subscribe. I have an antenna, which gets quite a few channels in the GTHA, but BB10 devices are struggling...

I had the sportsnet stream thingy for awhile for blue jays games for the same price, maybe a little higher.. It's just not worth it. We all have pvr etc, nobody has to miss a game. I guess if you're on a greyhound from Vancouver to Montreal ::slight_smile: it may come in useful with whatever device you have with you. Other than that scenario, not a chance! Crooks!

Also, I loathe the social conditioning they're always pushing on those networks. But that, would be an entirely different thread.

It is the same price.

Not everyone has PVR...this is ideal for cord cutters who only want TSN...if you want anything else then it likely makes sense to get cable.

So yes, it is worth...just not for everyone. If you want TSN now you have options. Pretty simple.

Helluva job white knighting "pretty simple" was a nice touch. They should cut you in for that pitch. ;D And I am certainly not the only member suggesting that it is a tad, pricey. Dreaming here, but perhaps it would be worth it to ME if they, sportsnet and TSN were in the same package. Can't catch jays games on TSN.

Perhaps you should reread what I have said...because it is pretty simple when said "only" want TSN.

You are a cord cutter but want TSN (ie for CFL)...great, you now have an easy option without full cable.
You want the SN option for baseball...pretty simple as well.
You want them both...congrats...you are probably not ready to a the cord...so again, pretty simple.

So yes...it is "pretty simple"

Could it be cheaper? Sure. I am confident people would yelp if it was at 20 bucks as well, and these prices are also set to appease cable providers. They set them too low and the cable companies get pissed...that is a big deal.

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Johnny (who so wants to cut the cord) signed up and gave this service a try. It worked great Friday night on the iMac computer and the Apple TV!

Later this week, Johnny will try it on his iPad. The price is a little steep, but it works very well!

I will never cut the cord, on either cable or home phone.

I've been saying for years that they needed this option, and that I would be willing to pay for it if available.

So I ponied up and bought the subscription. $25 is a bit steep. If it was $15 I'd probably keep it for the whole year. At $25, I'll cancel as soon as the season is over. They also need to improve the quality a bit. The shady youtube streams I was using last year were crystal clear for the most part, while the TSN stream last night got pretty blurry and choppy at times.

Maybe the CFL could talk TSN into offering a CFL-only package, for 10 or 15, instead of full TSN.