TSN Streaming Games?

I cancelled my cable back in December and for the most part it's been a seemless transition to the world of (mostly) legal online sports streaming. My only real concern is how I will be watching the CFL this season. How many games has TSN been steaming online for the past seaosn or two? Anyone know what their plan is for this year?

I hope I don't have to end up watching games in crappy quality on a sketchy website.

I discovered midway through last season that they stream their Friday Night Football games, but I'm not sure how long they've been doing that or if they plan to continue. They also showed the Grey Cup game, and if memory serves correctly, all playoff games last year. I was able to stream via other sites in the past, but they seem to have either been shut down or cleansed of CFL content.

My guess is that if they did FNF and the playoffs last season, they would continue this year and might even do more games streaming online...it's the future, although some people don't seem to be aware of it just yet.

There is a website I use when I need too, and i'm pretty sure that they will be streaming CFL games. I just don't really like using it unless I have to because the quality can be poor at times, it's illegal, and I like to be counted for ratings etc so i'm able to show my support as best I can with whatever i'm watching.

I think it would be OUTSTANDING if the CFL/TSN hooked up with XBox Canada to allow XBox 360 users to watch games live on the Xbox/TV. You can already watch that soccer channel, Leafs TV and NBA TV on the 360, as well as every MLB game starting this summer.

What exactly do you mean by "the future"? You can't be saying that cable/satellite/TVs are going to be obsolete, so I'm curious what you mean.

TV's will always be around obviously. But I think that things are changing thanks to streaming services like Netflix for shows/movies. As for sports, you are starting to see more and more people just get rid of cable/sat in favour of using services like MLB.tv and NHL Gamecentre. With tech the way it is now a days it's hard for me to justify paying like 60 bucks a month for 300 channels when I only watch 4 or 5 of them.

You can also get almost every TV show online on the varrious tv network's websites. Just need to connect your laptop to the tv and bam...makes cable/sat useless. For example, i'm watching the Buffalo Sabres game on cbc.ca right now for free.

TSN will still be doing Friday games online. if you are a Bell or Virgin mobile user then you can get their mobile TV for like 5 bucks a month (along with a bunch of other channels). Telus used to have it but I don't think they do any more. I have also heard there is a blackberry TSN app but have never checked it out.

A friend also told me that something was passed by the government last year that basically said that if you wanted to make your tv channels available mobily that it is something that all service providers must have access to, which makes sense in Canada when looking at companies such as Bell and Rogers, though I have never verified this myself. I believe it is supposed to take effect in August.

The web sites below show free sports on line

http://chanfeed.com/ http://www.justin.tv/ [url=http://www.nhlsnipers.com/watch-live-nhl-hockey-games-online-free/]http://www.nhlsnipers.com/watch-live-nh ... line-free/[/url]

The site above has several links to sports sites not just the nhl.

Your not counted unless BBM Canada gives you a people meter… Don’t worry about illegal sites. You are watching all of the commercials anyways. Why should TSN care? Oh yeah that’s right, they gough people $2 bucks on their cable bill and sell commercial space… GD thieves really. What you are doing should be legal and what TSN is doing should be illegal… HBO you pay for, but there are no commercials… CTV is free but there are co,ercials… Why in hell does TSN get it’s cake and allowed to eat it too.

openly advertising illegal web streaming addresses on the main board of the very site that you would be taking away revenue from may not be the best of ideas.

Thanks tc23 I use them regularly BUT YOU can't use all the time as they get blocked.
Depopulation What planet you live on ?????? BOOOOOOOO

Maybe they get blocked because they're being openly advertised on the main board of the very site that they'd be taking revenue from.... I mean, if I were working for the CFL and I happened to be browsing the official forums of my own organization and noticed these sites being advertised, I just might go about seeing what I can do to stop the illegal broadcasts.

:lol: There was a reason I didn't name the site(s) I use when I have to.

How is the CFL losing revenue? TSN is losing revenue, but TSN should be illegal, they are GD criminals as far as I'm concerned. If TSN was smart they'd simply realize that their ads are still being shown and tell the advertizers to pay more because there are additional viewers of the ads.Yeah they don't gough $2 per user like they get from the cable companies every month...but like I said earlier... You shouldn't be able to do both anyways.

Profit isn't a dirty word, and a sizable amount of those profits will likely go to the CFL in the next contract. Besides, $2 a month? Really? Skip the latté one Saturday.

Down here in lala land ESPN3 showed every CFL game last year, including all playoff games and G.C. There really should be something similar in Canada if there isn't already.

One Saturday, every other month.

Besides, Canada's pay TV stations have only a bit more than 1 tenth of the market that US ones do, so relying on subscription revenues only is not going to suffice. In that case, TSN would probably end up showing more US content, at which point a certain poster would start bleating about how that just proves that Canada is only a colony of the US with no identity of our own.

Down here in lala land ESPN3 showed every CFL game last year, including all playoff games and G.C. There really should be something similar in Canada if there isn't already.
There are two (legal!) sports streaming websites that I'm aware of, http://www.ssncanada.ca and [url=http://www.sportscanada.tv]www.sportscanada.tv[/url]

Right now, they seem to be more focused on amateur sports, but perhaps in the future one of them will expand to professional sports.

CFL, PLEASE make a contract with a somebody to stream your games online to people outside of Canada. While deployed in Italy it was such a pain and those crap streaming sites suck. I would have PAID good money for this service. I'm sure many ex-pats and people overseas would as well.

I got my NHL Gamecentre for my Jets fix, your turn CFL.

I totally agree. The CFL nees to get with the times and have every game streamed online. It's the way of the future and every league is realizing it.

To the OP - check out justin.tv. Last year there was a guy streaming all CFL games.

Since ditching my cable in December i've watched A LOT of stuff on SSN Canada. They have great coverage of CIS hockey and basketball, as well as broadcasting every CIS national championship. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they cover CIS football. The picture quality is usually very good, though the commentary can be hit or miss, but that's quite minor. They also recently broadcasted the CWHL Clarkson Cup and the word is that they are in talks with the NBL Canada about covering that league next season. So SSN Canada is growing and coming along for sure.

I only found out about SportsCanada TV last week and have not watched anything on there yet. Looking at the website I see they do some rugby. Good sign. I'll keep my eye on them.

There is 1 more website that i'm aware of: Sportstream.ca. It's an Atlantic based site that broadcasts lots of AUS stuff, as well as the Saint John Mill Rats, Summerside Storm and Halifax Rainmen of the NBL Canada. Only issue is that the picture quality can be tough to stomach at times.

Generally speaking, sports webcasting in Canada has a very bright future and is coming along at a very fast rate. The CFL needs to get on board in some way.

Sadly... even though we have 5 Canadian networks dedicated solely to sports... They all choose to show NCAA basketball or poker or any sport that they can show with out investing in actual Canadian jobs instead of showing CHL, CIS and amature sports.... Maybe with the internet TV, Canada will finally become like a real country and show domestic programes instead of foreign content

I sent a tweet to CFL on TSN this morning asking them how many games they plan on streaming live this season. They replied that "Nothing has been decided yet, will let you know as soon as it is announced."

...I guess it is only April. :lol: