tsn story on Simon

Great article. Pretty much says it all. Geroy is the best in the game today hands down. If he stays healthy he will break the alltime receiving yards record and be a hall of famer for sure. And when he does, he'll be able to say, unlike Pitts and Stegall and Flutie, that he did it during the tough defensive years of no expansion teams.

But unlike fernandez, greer, and others, he couldnt do it in the NFL.

I like Simon, a lot, but lets keep it in perspective. Fernandez still rules.

You won't get any arguement from me about The Swerve being the best we've ever had, but why do you think Simon couldn't make a go of it in the NFL?

if he could, he would. even as an extra, he would make 5-10 times as much.

Simon can't amekk the NFL where Fernandez did because he is a slot back and Mervin was a WR. Big difference in body type needed. Simon can catch all the balls up the middle in the CFL with the wide field but in the NFL he would get crushed. Fernandez played WR and ran the sidelines in the CFL and NFL.

Both were/are great.

That's pretty weak....

Geroy deserves the attention he's getting....he truly is one of the best. Yet he doesn't have a big ego to get in his way...he's managed to remain humble and a real leader on the team.


He is one of the best. Whether he'll break all those career records or not, I am not so sure. And I don't think he is made of humble pie either, though compared to a hot dog like Copeland...

simon is overrated, he is not good enough to be even a special teams player in the nfl, if simon was as good as advertised he would be playing wide receiver and would be matched up against every teams #1 shutdown corner, instead simon gets matched up against backup CBs, safeties, and fat linebackers.

simon = poor man's freddie mitchell

Now that is just wrong. Because of the wide field, different rules and 12 men, the CFL is a slot driven league. Whether or not Geroy could play the NFL brand or not, you are comparing apples to oranges which makes the entire premise of your argument suspect.

I'm so smart, Geroy couldn't make waterboy in the NFL so hes no gud.

He has a chance if his play keeps up forsure. I don't like the guy because I have seen him burn way too many Rider defenders. But he is a class act for the most part (the superman thing has always rubbed me the wrong way even if it is for his kid). Would he be able to make it in the NFL......... maybe in the 3rd receiver spot lining up as a slot but he would take a hell of allot more punishment with NFL linebackers and Strong Safeties that are bigger and faster than the linebackers up here in the CFL. Unfortunately he is kind of the perfect fit for the CFL he has the speed, route running ability, and the ability to read a defense to get himself space in the large CFL field.

Even though he looks like an alien he is a good guy and a great football player.

................ GO RIDERS

link please

I’m guessing size??? Although I think Merv Fernandez was faster.

Arius, Touchdown 69 is an upset Bomber fan. He's still mad because Brendan Taman let Simon slip through his fingers. :wink:

Be right back, I have to go write my annual thank you note to Taman for sending him our way! :lol:

if he played in the nfl, he wouldn't be able to survive with the bump 'n' coverage and the smaller field.

Honestly, as a Lion's/Simon fan, do I care about the NFL? Or am I celebrating what he's doing here, in the league that I watch/support? There's no way of knowing how he'd adjust - fact is, he gets the job done here and deserves the praise he's getting. Those slagging him are obviously jealous that he's not in their uniform.

For some who claim we should retain our identity, etc., why the constant comparison? He plays here, he's doing well here...leave it at that....try and show support (or at least respect) for a player who's contributing in OUR league.

Slamming a CFL player who's on top of his game because you don't think he'd cut it down south shows a lack of respect for this league as far as I'm concerned.

Surely you B.C. fans are saying Simon is the best B.C. receiver ever not the best CFL receiver ever?? The CFL has had some awesome receivers that would equal easily Simon's and Fernandez's play and records. Simon and Fernandez are / were good but others in the past were as good if not better. I ask others to name past and present receivers in the CFL who are / were as good as these two very good receivers. Then I will add my list.

simon isnt even better receiver than boden.