TSN Sound Issues

Anyone else notice sound problems with the broadcasts? The pre game, half time and sideline coverage is fine, but the sound from the play by play and commentator is horrible. Sounds like they're calling the game from inside a fish bowl.

Sounds perfect here (other than having Rod and Dwayne calling play by play but that has nothing to do with the sound quality).

PVR'd the game so I just started tonight's game but Black and Forde sound terrible (even by their standards :wink: ).

Every game it sounds like this and it's only with CFL football and only the guys in the booth.

Maybe some issue with your cable provider or some wonky surround setting on your receiver if you have one.

Sound is straight from my TV. Thought I would ask because if no one else is experiencing it then it's somewhere between my Satellite receiver and my TV speakers.

TSN switches on the centre channel almost exclusively for play-by-play announcers, then turns it off for everything else. If you don't have a centre channel or 5.1 DTS decoder, then those sounds get blended into the front speakers. For example, your setup might sound good in stereo but sounds tinny when TSN turns on the centre channel during the play by play.

Don't have surround. Either TV speakers or I run it through a receiver into stereo speakers. I watch sports and listen to music so haven't bothered to upgrade my speaker system. And that is exactly what I'm getting. Very tinny.

No sound issues here