TSN should have a deal with CFL to show games online

I was walking to class today when an :idea: idea came into my head, How about the CFL and TSN strike up a deal where TSN can show whole games online like the AHL does. Then they can have a temporary archies to show the whole games for that week and replace them when the next week comes, that way people can see the game anything they want and for a small fee, can copy them on to DVDs if they want that game to watch over and over again. It would be great for someone like myself when I move back to Australia or where ever, then I can watch games whenever I want and tape them as well. I can also find someway to connect my PC to a TV and watch the game, and maybe have a Labor Day or Grey Cup party! 8)

What do y'all think?

This is the first of your crazy ideas KK that I actually like. As for downloading though there are a few bugs that need to be worked out.

Its not hard to connect you PC to a TV
If you dont already have it get a Video card with a TV output

Great idea!!!!
I live in Japan and can only isten to my Blue on the net....I'd love to see the games!!! Hell, I'd watch em all!!!! BRU HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

That would be cool.. no more blackouts. :slight_smile:
But that's exactly why it won't happen.

They can trace your IP can’t they. Or they can charge monthly/yearly for as many games as you want. This gets rid of the blackout issue

I think there would be some issues yes, but if it could work, yeehaa!



Well How About Instead Of Having The Games Live And Having To Worry About Buffering And Blackouts And All That Stuff Just Have The Games Available For Download The Next Day. That Way It's Less Of A Concern Whether Or Not People Aren't Watching The D/L Instead Of Live Coverage Since All The Comercials Are Going To Be On It Anways Plus It Creates A Greater Interest Overseas. I'm Looking At Moving To Japan Next Year And I'd Love To Be Watch The Games The Next Day, Instead Of Having To Wake Up At 4:00 am To Listen To It On The Radio.

I think this would only work if, as Bamboo stated, the game is available to download the next day. Otherwise there would be no point in having blackouts for tv, and attendance would decrease somewhat.

The league couldn't afford the bandwith charges.

The Idea Is To Use Bit Torrent And Have The Cost Coverred By The Mirror. Doing This Will Decrease Attendance, Not Noticeably, But Of Course There Will Be A Few Fans That'll Say Instead Of Watching The Game Live They'll Just Wait A Few Days. How Ever The Idea Is To Increase Intrest I Other Parts Of The World Like Even Just By Updating This Site Has Brought In New Fans Such As Kanga And Geo.