TSN should bring back John Wells

anyone remember this guy?

apparently TSN for some dumb reason got rid of him back when Cuthbert joined the Station.

I think they need to bring him back for CFL and let Rod Black go back to his Figure skating.

I'd be all for that. From what I recall, I used to enjoy John Wells as a commentator. And Leif Petterson as a color man, they were a pretty good duo.

Ya, too bad poor Leif died in 2006. :frowning:

No John was horrible, would spend a lot of his time laughing while missing plays.

John wells and Chris Walby.
I am really not a fan of Gord leclair, matt could be alot better with someone else.
Rod black is boring, but Ford is good.
what i do notice is the games matt and gord, or rod and dwayne cover always sound more dead.
As in the crowd and game noise is always so low in the signal mix.
Walby was always entertaining, I know he was CBC but bring him over.. why not?

Since i cant edit that post.,...
I am really not a fan of Gord leclair, matt could be alot better with someone else, they both need experience.
Rod black has been boring, but i think he has gotten much better.
Ford is good and i think its good they're letting them develop as a team.
what i do notice is the games matt and gord, or rod and dwayne cover always sound more dead.
As in the crowd and game noise is always so low in the signal mix. I think because of this it makes their coverage
more boring.
Walby was always entertaining, I know he was CBC but bring him over.. why not?
Wells was quite good i thought. and a Wells/Walby team would be great.

did black call any games this weekend?
i didn't hear him in atleast 3, which was good.

I think there was some kind of figure skating championship this weekend, so Black was off where he belongs, which is to say anywhere away from football.

Walby? Oh HELL NO! He's worse than Black!

I'd like to see Dunnigan in the booth. There was a recent thread (which got pretty heated) about hiring a woman to do play-by-play. Without wanting to restart that fight, I still wouldn't mind seeing them try it for a couple of games at least, to see how it goes.

I would like to see him back on CFL broadcasts, he was a good partner with Leif Ericson, R.I.P.

From wikapedia_"Departure from TSN and move to CJOB radioBy 2006, Wells had been phased out at TSN after Chris Cuthbert joined the network. He moved to CJOB radio in Winnipeg, where he became the host of an afternoon show. Wells left CJOB in April 2008."

I didn't mind Wells but it's been a while and I can't exactly recall what he knew and how he came across but from what I remember, fairly good.
Walby I always loved, I know some people called him not well spoken enough for on-air broadcasts but that's what I liked about him, had the Don Cherry aspect without being a Don Cherry over the top I'm in love with myself and red neckish although hockey lends itself more to a Cherry type than football I think.

Anyone know what Wells is doing?

Right now Rod is making me root against this Australian kicker simply because every time he has been in or they are close to some kind of kicking situation he has mentioned that he is Australian. We get it, how about mentioning other stuff, I don't know, maybe just his name. Throw in his number every once in awhile, helps people learn their numbers. We don't need to mention "Footie" everytime, once a half is more than enough.

First Rant of the year for me.
Hopefully he is just in preseason form. Half the stuff he says isn't half bad, just quite being so repetitive, actually describe the play instead of all the back stories and he'll be golden.

I think John Wells is retired, not sure, but i remember i found him kinda boring with his play calling never really getting that excited for touchdowns and big plays, i did enjoy his voice though

Rod Black is by far the worst announcer i've ever heard calling a football game. I'm a guy in my mid 20's so i dont remember everyone but Cuthbert is by far the best.

There is just something about rod black, i just dislike his voice? or i dunno, he seems to be not very prepared. Dunnigan, i think normally is a pretty decent color guy but even he was having a hard time tonight. Honestly, I'd take Gord Miller over Rod Black anyday or, i guess..since wells is no longer employed by tsn, why not move Dave Randorf into the booth and put Rod Black in toronto with climie and schultz.

The bomber/ticat game tonight was very very annoying to listen too, Dunnigan was getting names wrong, he called Doug Pierce Chris Mathews 3 x on one replay and i was like, dude look at the screen, its D Pierce. Black, it's almost like he's completely unprepared, saying things like well, better get the roster out cuz the backups are coming in, well, dude, you're the commentator, you should have familliarized yourself with them all pre game. Like, i dunnno, i guess its pre-season for the announcers too but i thought black was terrible as usual and even brought dunnigan down to his level tonight. Was matt drinking tonight? I guess i cant blame him if he was considering who he had to do commentary with. As a fan, nothing upsets me more than listening to the announcers get the guys names wrong.. wasnt just that time either i mentionend above, they both called several players different names a lot of times..

Can we maybe, instead of going on about man crush's or whatever, can we maybe not get a back story on some guys? tell us where they came from? what ncaa or cis school or something? i mean, is that too much to ask for?

its entertaining to listen to Gord Miller call the games and have Dunnigan doing the color. Both great personalities.

and even tho suitor is a homer, big time, huge time homer, will always make it obvious he is cheering for the riders... him and cuthbert have a good report. Like they play off eachother quite well.. I agree with miller and dunnigan, like suitor and cuthbert, play off one another quite well.

RoD black tho, just.. it seems he brings everyone down to his level. At one point, i thought duane forde was a good color guy too, u put him with cuthbert or miller and he might be but they tend to put him with black all the time and it really brings the quality level down.

TSN has a lot of talent that could do pbp... how about Randorf? He is pretty good at hockey, so why not try him at football? Cybulski could be a good choice too... interesting thought on having a woman do the play by play... Sheri Forde has some knowledge about football... hmmmm...

No way for Wells, he was horrible even during the best of times and makes Rod Black look good.

Please.... :roll:

Wells at least knew how to do the job.. and didn't make annoying repeats..

I seem to recall this thread from long ago.

If TSN can bring back John Wells, I am sure his family would be eternally grateful. Unfortunately, as said by another poster, he passed some years ago (as did Leif).

I would love to see them bring in some new guys who haven't been out of the league for too many years.
They should consider auditioning some of the current league stars for a future in the booth (Calvillo, Simon etc...). Take the guys who have the high profiles now and groom them for the booth. Try and find the guys who have both the name and the talent to do colour. Their profile might increase viewership slightly. Also it is always added value when the commentator can make comments on other players they played against whether it is about how they played or a personal story.

he's not dead. still alive