TSN Should be for Free!!

After watching the Tiger-Cat and Bomber game tonight on TSN and once again they lose their sat signal or whatever the technical screw up was this network should be offered for free by Bell, I can't believe I pay for this crap, five channels and you would think they could work out technical glitches before the game starts?

How boring to have to watch Rod Smith, Chris Schultz, Jock Climie and Paul LaPolice for what seemed like an eternity explain like three plays over 15-20 minutes, watching mild grow is easier than watching these guys talk about nothing.

Than when we get the signal back it's Rod Smith over to Rod Black and Black still talks about how excited he was to meet the guys from ESPN and NFL Football, I think Rod's hoping he gets a job when TSN folds down.

Two points to consider,
first, ESPN will not put up with technical glitches that knock the game off for that long a period of time. Redundancy in feed will be active. I'm sure ESPN received a lot of calls tonight about the signal drop even on ESPN3. Second, if/when ESPN starts televising more CFL games on their broadcast channels they will want their own announcers Black is looking for a seat.

Hey it can happen - and sometimes backups fail. TSN is usually very reliable.

You would think CBS covering a Super Bowl being watched by over 100 million viewers would have some back-up generators and backups to the backups etc. Yet when power went out to part of the Superdome for a while there they were left with only one working mike belonging to Steve Tasker on the sidelines. (Luke's Dad as Rod Black would say).

Or a few years ago a Euro 2008 Semi-final soccer game between Turkey and Germany lost the world TV feed from the stadium in Switzerland I believe for much of the last 20 minutes of the game leaving something like 100 million watching worldwide in the dark and networks all over the world scrambling to get their in studio panels on air much like TSN did tonight.

Just wait if CRTC moves to Pick and Pay for individual cable channels - far from free - instead of being part of most people's basic cable (of which about $2 goes to TSN) rumour has it TSN will likely need to charge about $10 per month to make up for all the money and subscribers they would lose if forced off the basic cable package.

Just out of curiosity, what does cable cost per month in Canada, I pay $195.

It rather depends on where you live, but you should be paying way less than that here. My cable bill in Cali is more expensive than the one in Canada though.

What does that mean?


What add-ons?

With no movie channels I pay under $70.

My DIRECTV satellite in Florida is $85 a month, that's the basic package. :roll:

sounds about right. My California bill is a little less than 20% more than my one in Canada for a comparable package.