TSN Shaw Cable

Why is it that TSN shows some games on TSN1 or TSN2....my Shaw cable package only includes TSN1 so this means I’ll have to pay another 10 bucks a month to ensure that I get all games!!!! Come on CFL & TSN please don’t hold me to ransom!

Easy solution.
Pay the $10/mth and get all the games and then cancel that package from Dec.. to July.

If you really enjoy watching all the games like a lot of us , life is too short to sweat the small things , just pay for it and enjoy the extra games ! It works out to something like 33 cents a day extra , that is not worth depriving yourself of something you really enjoy ,…if you want, cancel the extra channels after the CFL season is over.

Because TSN has more than one thing to show at a time?

It doesn’t make sense to have five channels if four of them are always showing the same thing. You can do that with two channels. Us F1 fans get the same treatment, with the only reliable source for full coverage being TSN5 (a lot of the time the race itself is on the other ones, but sometimes it’s not, and the pre/post coverage is limited to TSN5).

Best answer might be to switch providers. Out here, all five TSNs are standard.

I always order the sports pack as canucks games will sometimes be on sportsnet 1 or sportsnet 360, although ive never once seen a Lions game on shaw or telus ever not be on TSN1 in vancouver. Every game is on TSN1 here at least so far.

You do have the option of watching on tsn.ca

I watched the Argos @ Riders on the web last year .
It was not on 1 or 2 in my region ( Calgary ) . It was on 3, which I do not have.

TSN 1 and 2 were showing Croatian High School Basketball ?????? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

yes good point........... :thup:
He also might want to check again. We are renting for the summer and the place has the basic package, but TSN has now appeared on cable 407, 408 and a few other places.

In the past, 90% of the games have been on TSN1 so...

That's what I was thinking as well Kevin.

then there is this

13 Sat Sep 17 TOR WPG 2:00PM TSN3/4/5
13 Sat Sep 17 OTT CGY 5:00PM TSN3/4/5

not on either 1 or 2

That's the same time as the opening of the World Cup of Hockey from Toronto, USA vs Europe at 3:30PM followed by Canada and Czechs not sure if TSN are doing this games or Sportsnet.