The latest numbers are somewhat misleading from Bill Houston of the Globe. Yes a surprisingly season low of 189,000 watched the Argos-Als, but what he failed to mention is the RDS total, the last I saw being at an average 250,000. So the toal would still be a respectable 439,000 range.
The Banjo Bowl was well up at 454,000.
Still beating all other comers including the No Funners. So his arguement of not putting up the CFL on Sunday is nonsense.
The weekend winners again was the CFL, this time the Friday night great game in Edmonton at 460,000.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080908.wspt_houston08/TPStory/Sports/columnists]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... columnists[/url]

I actually agree with the article. Even if the CFL always beats out the NFL in ratings, you're still not maximizing the viewership by going head to head with the NFL.

454 is well above the season average....
Possibly part of the reason the ratings were low for the Toronto game is the fact that TSN shows "NFL Countdown" before the game started....
I believe the CFL should play triple headers on Sunday once the NFL season starts... Obviously NFL Coundown should be shown on CTV.
The CFL would basicly put the NFL out of business in Canada, if they employed an agressive strategy like this... Of course TSN would never go for this since their parent company as well as themselves have NFL games.

HOuston's article makes no sense. He tries to prove a point by omitting facts. Such as the ratings on RDS, which are usually pretty good.
I guess these writers have a tough job trying to think up what to write about day in and day out. But these guys on the Globe and Mail continually trying to prove how popular the
NFL is in CAnada despite the obvious facts against it are looking more and more like paid off shills for tired Ted Rogers and goofy Paul Godfrey.

If you exclude RDS and look at the ratings for every Alouette game this year, this is still by far the lowest one.

figures... Alouettes play in Montreal where most francophones live in Canada...

Typical Houston. Always happy to report the low numbers.

Hasn't reported CFL numbers for weeks, but makes sure he sticks it to the CFL on their 1st game that had poor numbers. Never mind that no one wants to watch a good team beat up a struggling team in any league or sport.

I honestly hate Houston. He is an open CFL hater. He never reports the CFL's RDS numbers to give the reader an accurate picture of true CFL television viewership, then quotes the English and French language viewership to inflate the Superbowl's numbers (and even then, it still isn't watched by as many people as the Grey Cup). Why do we have to put up with this???

Agreed Yukoner.
What a joke the so called "Canada's National Paper" is anything but and is no more then a rag, with CFL haters like Houston, plus the NFL chearleders of Brunt and Naylor.

Exactly...if the NHL's viewership was up like the CFL's...it would be a major news story, and they'd be doing stories on the remarkable work being done by the league, etc.

The CFL gets bupkiss.

Friday night double-headers should be mandatory - just like hockey on Saturdays. I'm personally not big on Sunday CFL football.

Why would you exclude RDS? People tuning in to watch the Argos-Als are the same, regardless of what channel they're watching.