After 41 games, the numbers continue to soar for TSN. When will they wake up and renegotiate the TV deal which still has 2 years to run?
Unfortunately the ratings for the T-Giving DH were not available. Here are the top 8:

  1. Hockey, CBC Habs-Leafs @1.673M
  2. Hockey, CBC Canucks-Oilers @1.352M
  3. Baseball, Sportsnet Angels-Yankees Friday @597,000
  4. Baseball, Sportsnet Angels-Yankees Sunday @513,000
  5. Baseball, Sportsnet Braves-Astroas Sunday @506,000
  6. Football, TSN Als-Riders @446,000
  7. Baseball, Sportsnet Red Sox-White Sox Friday @416,000
  8. Football, TSN Ticats-Gades @294,000
    Note, the No Fun League nowhere to be seen. While the hockey numbers are usually strong and especially the first week back. As for baseball, this is their playoff, therefore the spike.

thanks for the update ARGOTOM...too bad they dont have the thanksgiving day ratings.

if the argos drew 34 110 ( the most for non-playoff game in toronto since 1993 ) for the game, then i'd imagine BIG ratings for that game aswell.

too bad we'll never know!

thanks..............where is the NFL? :lol:

im surprised by the low cfl ratings for the non-thanksgiving games this past weekend....we've been getting way higher than that. ( altho the gades vs ticats game featured 2 bottom teams on a friday )

especially the Als vs Roughriders game...i thought 550 000 for sure


Where is the CBL? May it rest in peace.

again , where is the NFL?

NFL isn't as popular as the media pretends it is!

No, I think it's all the hype from down south that makes it seem more popular up here than it actually is. Most people I know watch either CFL or both, if they're not overly into football, they'll still care more about the CFL than the less superior game down south.

or they wear the NFL hats and shirts, but NEVER watch a regular-season game!

Yeah, and that's mostly cause if you go into foot locker or athletes world, there's 400 NFL things, and 2 CFL ones. I bought a Giants hat once in my aimless youth, probably partially because the rider hats they had at the time were most likely funny looking. And trust me, I didn't need any help with looking funny back then. (I say that as if it's different now :slight_smile: )

this is true...i went into 2 sports stores yesterday lookin for a CFL hat ( didn't matter which team )....they had NFL gear everywhere, and at the very back in a small corner had CFL stuff....but it was ALL TIGER-CATS....so i didnt buy anything.

I've found Sportscheck (it's spelled differently, but I don't remember how exactly) has a better selection than most, at least at the couple in town that I've been to recently. I don't know where you're from d_g, or if they have sportchek (closer I think) there, but if they do, check it out. I think the last time I was in Champs they had all college basketball stuff, maybe some atlanta falcons stuff.... but maybe it's just that store, who knows.

im too scared to buy a new RBK jersey until next year, incase they make ANOTHER design change between this and next year...then im stuck with an outdated jersey...or if the player changes teams....ouch!

so i figure, i'll start with a hat for now...lol

jersey's i would like to own are :
the '05 RBK saskatchwean green jersey ( Kieth 28 ),
the '05 RBK argos blue jersey ( BAKER 88 ), or a
black '05 RBK Ti-cats jersey ( 28 Lumsden ).

Good idea, I got one of the new style hats this summer, with the logo on the one side, then the team colours on the other side.... I think it's pretty alright meself.

I've got a jersey that's a couple years old, but my dad works with Gene Makowsky's dad, so he got it signed for me. I don't think I'm going to get rid of it anytime soon. :slight_smile:

They don't count snoozing in front of your TV set as a viewer...LOL