TSN Sandbagged Me

Could not watch the live games today so recorded them. TSN screwed me over twice today. Fortunately, I recorded the Redblacks-Argos game on two seperate TSN channels; one of which recorded the game while the other was overridden by another sport.

Unfortunately, I only recorded the Sask-Bombers game on one TSN channel and, of course, it was overridden by frigging tennis. &^%#@@)*&^%^%!!! It was all I could muster to keep myself from smashing the TV.

Question to the group: any advice on what TSN channel I can trust to actually record the games and not get overridden by something else?

Record each channel you get. It’s happened to me too.

All you missed was a Bomber asskicking. Handed to it them good!

TSN1 usually has every game for the whole game. At least that is my experience.

My tv info guide pretty much always tells me what will be on every tsn station correctly.

TSN2 rarely if ever these days.

TSN can juggle channels and maybe that’s on purpose. Put some of the games on HD and I am paying for HD. Put CFL content or a few games on TSN 2 only and guess what, I will probably add TSN 2.

My best suggestion is just check the guide on your TV screen ahead of time. But I do share your frustration, wish they would have one dedicated channel for CFL.

Actually, that didn’t work yesterday, as TSN5 (Ottawa local) had the football games listed, but ended up showing the US Open.

A good rule of thumb is to record the TSN channel that’s local to one of the teams playing. That’s also a good plan for back-to-back games in case the early game goes long.

Thanks for the map. I never realized that the channels were to be geographically structured like Sportsnet. Under my old cable with R----s, TSN4 was my basic cable option. on channel 25. I too was getting frustrated having to look for games, finding them miles away on 348 or 354. Thank goodness I had nothing better to do with my time than to scroll forever through my guide. :slight_smile:

CFL - get with TSN and make them fix this and also proactively inform fans ahead of the game.

The technology, text, email, and social media are at hand.

It’s not hard. They are simply being complacent and lazy when making changes by not informing fans forcing to have to scroll and hunt for games.

It is 2019 not 1980 c’mon.

You never have to miss a game, go to TSN.ca click on Videos and then Games on Demand, they’re all there.

Frankly. I don’t mind missing a game for an event of that magnitude (First Canadian to Win a Major), plus as I said you can catch it on Games On Demand.

I got screwed on that too. And it’s not a matter of Tennis not being on other TSN channels too…when I went to watch the recording it starts with the end of the Argo game…then switches to tennis!! Stupid. And to make matters worse, the listings clearly promised a replay at 10pm (I’m on the west coast) and they lied again! At 10 it was the end of a damn soccer game and when that ended they rolled Sportscentre…that you could easily watch on four other TSN streams!

Not sure what you’re talking about, game is here

I like watching the big screen broadcast…the way god intended.

Doesn’t a smart TV allow you to do that? My old big screen is connected to a laptop or you can cast it to a big screen. Shouldn’t be a big issue.

Some of us don’t bother working that kind of a connection. Some of us pay a lot of $$ for cable. Some of us think we should be able to depend on the network and the cable company to get their chit together. I think that’s pretty simple to understand.

In high-def? 4K? I don’t think the TSN on-demand service supports that.

Well, at least I know how you got your name.

all I know is, as I have said before, we get every TSN station from Cable, actually Telus, and never have any problem. We always know which one will have the game ahead of time. Occasionally previous programming may run over on one station with game scheduled but always get it from start on another. Zero issues on this regard.

That works if you’re there watching it. But if you’re PVRing the game to watch later, and TSN decided to preempt the game for another event on the channel you’re recording, well, you’re out of luck.

We just look at what is on before, take into account which is regional, and go from there. Has never failed us.