TSN Round Table

I watched the first episode with the GMs and thought that the show has potential.

During last night's preseason game, the announcers mentioned that part 2 would air at 11pm.

I checked my listing, and set the PVR but when I tried to watch it, it was women's soccer instead. A repeat at that.

Does anyone know when the replay of the second episode will be, as I cannot find it listed anywhere?

Oops. Apparently the show is called, 'around the table', and last night was episode 3?

Not a very good job of promoting this show if I can't find it. You know, someone who actually tries to find this kind of stuff.

I set my PVR for episode 3 on Thursday night at 11 pm and they had soccer instead. I believe that episode 3 will feature Chad Owens, Drew Willy, Ricky Foley, and Darian Durant whenever it airs.