TSN : riders AND alouettes over the CAP

riders lose 1st round pick.

It's been a tough week to be a fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Two days after Kent Austin resigned as head coach, TSN has learned the Roughriders have exceeded the $4.05 million salary cap and must forfeit their first round pick in this year's Canadian College Draft.

The Montreal Alouettes were also found in violation of the salary cap and have lost their first round pick.

Ironically, the Roughriders first round pick belongs to the Alouettes so league officials have yet to make an official ruling on the penalties for both teams.

The order of selection for the Canadian College Draft has yet to be announced.

Montreal loses their pick, too...

Interesting no mention of fines. And yet the Riders don't have any first round picks to lose.

the als own the riders pick, so what heppens there???...lol

the als lose both and the riders get off free...hahaha

Well it says they both lose their first round draft pick since the riders no longer have one they can't lose it. And since Montreal has two, they will likely lose the first one. Assuming the normal order of the draft would be


Then I would suspect Montreal would lose the second pick and have the seventh pick.

to add to mike's post. I think MTL will lose thier first pick, take SSK first pick(7th overall) and SSK will lose their second round pick
If they dont it opens up a loophole for teams to go over the cap.

Mike and Ro said what I was going to. That sounds like a fair punishment to me.

Are only the Riders and Als over the cap? Or are they still crunching numbers for the other teams?

The winner of the Grey Cup goes last, and the loser goes second last in the draft. Saskatchewan would have the 8th.

I think the order of draft is:


So Montreal would lose their own pick 3rd overall and still have Saskatchewan’s 8th overall pick. But how does that punish the Riders.
Maybe its time the league outlawed trading of first round picks.

It isn't news that the Riders are over.
We have known that for quite sometime.
It will be somewhat surprising if they are so far over that it costs them a draft pick. As I understand it, you don't lose picks until you are over by more than $300,000 and as recently as a week or two ago, Hopson thought we would be in around the 150,000 mark.
But given the enormous number of injuries the Riders had last year, it won't be a big surprise.
I think what would be surprising is if only the Riders and Als are over the cap.

But, if we have lost a draft pick, then ET better do a better job this coming year.

how do u do a better job then winning the Grey Cup?
if it wasn't for the injuries, they woulda been under the cap.

You can always do a better job....

Injuries were massive. No doubt.
And don't bet against any number of players having reaching incentives in their contracts--comes with having a good year as a team.
But we can't afford to be losing draft picks...
Not to mention that if we are over 300,000, it will cost the team several hundred thou in penalties.

I believe it is dollar for dollar is it no up to 100,000 dollars the the amount beyond is doubled.

haha you think you had injuries? try losing your starting qb in the grey cup

...anyone else fail to see what that has to do with the Riders and Als being over the cap?

It goes 1:1, then 2:1, then 3:1. Plus draft picks, as designated by the league. I'm not sure how it breaks down, ie, what the levels are.

I'm kind of curious how Montreal could be over the cap. Sask I can understand. Edmonton, too. But it seems odd that Montreal would be over.

Thanks ARrius I knew it was something like that.

It might also be due to inuries.....They had quite a few last season

All teams had lots of injuries come on with injury excuse.