TSN: Richie Hall to be fired as head coach in Edmonton


Enter Kavis Reed??

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Where there's smoke there's usually fire. . . the Globe is reporting the same:

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/eskimos-expected-to-fire-hall/article1794379]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... cle1794379[/url]

Don't see how Reed is the answer to any teams issues. He can't even be a good assistant coach.

As suggested by others on the forum a week or 2 ago maybe the Eskies will hire our Greg Marshall and we will hire Hall to take his place.

I have a great deal of respect for Marshall but his zone cover schemes in the secondary have been truly awful at times. It seems in those bad games that the oppositions only incompletions are the ones they mess up on their own. The ol' watch him catch the ball then react ideology. A good scheme/DB combo would react when the ball is in the air and not wait till after it's caught.

Is is the scheme or the talent or both in those hideous pass cover games the last couple years under Marshall?

TSN cites that the Edmonton Sun reports if Reed is named the new head coach, Hall may be retained as the defensive coordinator. Interesting to see how that dynamic may work. Hall is also good friends with Marcel Bellefeuille and was seen as a possible DC in Hamilton if Greg Marshall is hired as a head coach elsewhere. It may wind up that Marshall stays with the Cats by default with the Eskimos moving quickly to fill in the HC vacancy under this scenario.

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it's a combination of both, Zen. We have guys who are better at making plays on the ball than form tackling. Excuse me, I was looking at my Jason Shivers poster. LMAO...

If you have those guys off the man and playing soft zones, they often wind up in bad position re the ball. Too many times we see deep passes and the CB or DB loses track of the ball. At least when engaged in tighter coverage, guys have the opportunity to make plays.

We need to take more risk to give our pass rush more time to get home and get Lemon et al on the turf. We might get burned at times doing it, but this recipe against Calvillo and Burris will get us scorched otherwise, IMHO.

Safe is death re championship defence. Even Sudsy and Rich Stubler mixed things up to confuse the opposing QB and confront the opposing receiving corps!

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When all Marshall's schemes all work well it is a beautiful thing though.

I never keep losses on my PVR but one I did keep was our game in calgary last year. 1 point loss if I remember right (15-14) but our D dominated 99.9% of the game.

It would be a rather odd dynamic for a head coach to be fired as such, but then retained as defensive coordinator for the team that just fired him as head coach. .. would he accept what would be clearly perceived as a demotion, or would his pride be too injured? Not sure how I'd react were I to be in his shoes.

Anyway, if it be true that he'll no longer be head coach there, he joins quite a list of coaches who were very successful as a coordinator only to be less than successful as a head coach (see for example Stubler, Rich and Etcheverry, Gary).

On the other hand, I'd suggest that Marcel B has been better as a head coach than he ever was as an offensive coordinator, be it in Saskatchewan or Montreal.

Moral of the story? Just because you've been a good coordinator is no guarantee of your being successful as a head coach.

I may be wrong… but didn’t that happen to Don Sutherin here in Hamilton?

This just might be a good move for the tabbies.

And, on the other hand, you may be right ! I seem to recall that now as well, vaguely.

Yes but that could only happen if ET were to hire Marshall as head coach. . . if he only wanted him as a DC that would be only a lateral move and that's usually not allowed unless Marshall's contract were to be up at the end of the year, and I don't know about that.

I don't know if I'd be so quick to hire a DC as a head coach if I were them

Well there are examples going both ways. Certainly Stubler, Hall, Daley, and Etcheverry didn't fare very well moving from DC to HC.

But it seems to me that both Don Matthews and Wally Buono were defensive coordinators before becoming head coaches (I stand to be corrected on that) and they are the top two winningest (is that a legitimate word?) head coaches in CFL history.

Just goes to show, success at one doesn't guarantee success at the other, nor does it preclude it.

Kavis Reed has done "jack" in this league.

Has coached for at least 5 teams with little success.

I would take Hall over Reed any day.

Looks like a done deal now


Our run in the last 7 or so games couldn't make up for the completely lacklustre team we had from the day Worman was fired as OC last year, until the game after the LD rematch. Us Edmonton fans can only hope Tillman can snag us a snazzy new OC as well as a new HC, this making Strasser redundant. Both Ray and Zabransky would benefit from an OC that can actually draw up a creative game plan to execute.

So would Kevin Glenn, Cobb, Thigpen, etc.

:roll: Odd how a team with no offensive creativity can produce: (1) one of the best seasons a Tiger-Cat QB has ever had; (2) nearly three 1,000-yard Receivers; (3) a 1,000-yard rusher for the second-consecutive season; (4) give up a league-low 26 sacks. Yup, the offensive play-calling is most definitely a problem.

Well put Blogskee, very well put.