TSN reports that Marshall is sacked

and Lancaster is taking his place :o


Good move.
He simply couldn't get it done.
He needs to be an assistant at the pro level for a few years...then get back into coaching.

Well, if that is true, I wish Greg and his wonderful family nothing but the best and total success in his future.

He'll land on his feet without a doubt!

Good Luck Greg!


I agree Renegade. But if he does get the chance to be an assistant, after a few years it will definitely help him more to be a good head coach. Greg was a running back and wants to keep with a running game and short passing stuff as much as possible, I saw him play under this offence at Western for many years. But won't work at the pro level as much, you have to stretch the defense to be successful consistenly at this level.

Just confirmed (announced) on CHML


They Made the Right Move with Ronnie in there.

well we'll see how it goes now, Ronny bring Danny Mac back as OC, move Paopao to assitant coach, fire kavis Reed and the special temas coach

Oh, and hire whositwhatnow as the teams special advisor.


It's now on all of the news wires.


A little surprising to me. I don't know if Marshall is the real problem.

He's not taking the dumb penalties or dropping the ball.

Oh well, let's hope we improve from here.

Good luck, Greg!

Couldnt of been easy but you did what had to be done.
But dont stop now there's more to do.

A change was made. We have to live with it. We can only speculate what has been going on in the locker room and board room over the past couple of weeks. I have been, and always will be, a Tiger-Cats fan, and will support them until the universe succoms to proton decay. 2 weeks after that, we will win our eleventy-billionth Grey Cup.

Let’s hope that the team can rally around this change, and that Coach lancaster can salvage the season.

Very interesting. I did not think this would happen as soon as it did. I thought that Marshall would be here for a longer period of time, but it appears this organization is not willing to accept failure, and will move quickly to make necesary changes. And that is food to see.

I'm not sure what else to say now, but I wish Greg Marshall well in his future endeavours. And it is good to have an experienced coach again in Lancaster.


I am sorry that it had to come to this but as usual in pro sports the coach is the first to go. I really thought they would give Coach Marshal more time though.I hope all the players sit down today I realize that they played a part in this move. I also hope they realize that the guy to go if things don’t improve won’t be Lancaster!

I'd rather have food to eat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is the right time for a change.

-Very few 2nd half points (we're losing all of our games because of this)

-No discipline (the players don't fear Coach Marshall because they keep doing the same undisciplined things over and over. Lancaster will not let them get away with these things)

-The season is not over yet (We are only 1 win behind the Argos and they do not look good at all, so we can't give up on the season yet)

I agree ... WOW ... I was sure surprised when I looked on the site and saw the news. In complete opposition to what Young said after the Mtl game about Marshall's job being safe.

Good luck to Greg Marshall.

Now ... let's see if we can win some games. BTW I like the idea of Danny Mac as OC.

I understand why this happened.

I think that Greg Marshall could be a force in the CFL. Don't forget Ron Lancaster's first two years he won a total of 4 games.

Now, as for the players, I hope some of you get what you deserve. The coach is the fall guy and that's life but I hope the party atmosphere is over at Ivor Wynne.

Time to crack the whip!!!

Mr. Young is entitled to change his opinion as things develop daily just like the rest of us are entitled to change our opinions based on new information and ideas that arise, daily. And in the business world, if you can't respond quickly when it appears from the information available, well, you will be a lame duck. This is not "change for change sakes here". This is change that in the long run Mr. Young feels will make the Tiger-Cats a better football team.

if our offence doesnt get anything goin, joe is next..and was this the rigt move or did bobdo it because we, the people have been crying to get it done..