TSN reports nobody is pursuing Casey Printers

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That's more surprising than the Cats cutting him loose.

What are we all to think about this news?

It's early days yet. It wouldn't surprise me if some team does end up signing him closer to the start of the season. By then, Casey will have to swallow some pride and settle for a more reasonable contract.

It's still early.

My guess is that Printers didn't want to renegotiate his contract with Hamilton or anyone else. Thats why he wasn't kept or traded.

This article posted tonight on the Globe and Mail website elaborates on Printers' situation. There is some doubt cast as to whether he will even be on a CFL team to start the 2009 season:

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T.S.N. Sports Centre just announced that no C.F.L. team will pursue him.

He'll be a Bomber as soon as they start the season 0 and 3 under LeFors.

Printers is not a hot commodity

Former Lions QB struggles to find a buyer

Canwest News Service February 21, 2009

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Montreal GM Jim Popp, for instance, has no interest in Printers, even though the Alouettes had him all but signed and delivered

before Printers took a detour to Hamilton 17 months ago.

Winnipeg head coach Mike Kelly believes that signing Printers
is inviting a corrosive element to enter the locker-room.

Saskatchewan, Toronto or even Calgary
(as a backup to Henry Burris) could be a fit.

The Roughriders, however, are still getting over a bad experience
with another gunslinger who was an island unto himself -- Michael Bishop --

and they might not want to tempt fate a second time.

Mike Kelly's shoot-from-the-lip spontaneity
is likely is very charming to some folks

but I will go along with Wally's opinion below.

"I believe what Casey did in 2004 (with the B.C. Lions) was not an accident," Lions head coach and G.M. Wally Buono said.

"If he was in the right place at the right time --
with the right attitude and the right work ethic --

I believe he can create that excitement again.

"Somebody has to take that risk and
have a situation to fit that risk."

Buono said Printers still has the goods.

But would Buono want to drop his investments
in other Lions QBs to prove his point?

"Honestly, I don't know if we're in position to sign Casey," Buono said.

"Maybe, a month ago, if things had unfolded differently, we might have."

One quote you didn't include is the one I found most interesting:

I don't know if I've seen a more perfect guy saying and doing all the right things when he got a chance to play and won (in 2004)," said Hamilton GM Bob O'Billovich, who was the Lions' player personnel director five years ago.

"Casey had the respect of his teammates by a wide margin. Then it all started to go south. It seemed like, when he came back from the NFL, his ego was fractured. It may have weighed on him psychologically (being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs). He just couldn't get his groove back.

Let me guess, Dunnigan wrote the article?

Winnipeg, Regina and BC all need a starting qb real bad. Buck Pierce and JJ look average in BC, had they played for us they would have looked brutal.

There is already a thread about this topic: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=35789

Outside of Alberta, every CFL city could use a guy like Casey. The fact Popp doesn't want to bring him in to take over for Calvillo is signficiant. Although he under performed in Hamilton, Casey's talent alone should have his phone ringing. From this article one can conclude that attitude trumps talent.

I read that the Mitchell said the Cats did not even talk to Casey about a renegotiation.

This is contrary to Obie in an interview. He said he spoke to Casey about renegotiating at the end of last year, and would talk to him about it again this year???

And I would add to that..

Casey started last season with a great deal of enthusiasm
despite poor pass protection and a very green receiving corps

He wouldn't admit it but frustration was really building up
inside for him because he couldn't get his passing game going.

Just when his receivers were getting more comfortable
he got nicked with one small injury after another

Richie Williams did well and Casey kept confident.

When Quinton Porter played so well, Casey worried more
about losing his # 1 QB than fighting to win the job back

and shrunk within himself, became one of the boys :cry:

and rode out the season resigning himself to his fate,

thinking he will be somewhere else next year. :?

[ego shattered?]

His huge salary was an albatross around his neck
psychologically for him as well as financially for the team.