TSN reporting Ticats interested in Lions O.C. for Head Coach


Theres the site, i rather Taffee or marshall as a head coach, but i wouldnt mind brining him in as an ofensive coordinator.

Conflicting info going on here. I thought the word was that Charlie Taafe was being offered the job. Now they are supposed to be talking to Jacques Chapdelaine too? Hmmm. Who are the sources for all this stuff?

I'm not sure how I feel about Chapdelaine, I don't think he's right for our current personel given his offensive philosophy. Offenses in BC are, and have been since he's been there, past first and run later. We have a stable full of RBs just waiting to break loose. However, if he doesn't insist on being an all arial offense and brings in someone who can work around our personel, then he might be the right guy for the job. He certainly is successful.

Ken Peters reports in today's Spec that Desjardins "hasn't formally offered him the job just yet."

What have you read or heard?

The more candidates Marcel interviews, the better.

There are, after all, 3 teams looking for a Head Coach.

Mr. Desjardin is wise to not be
fixated on only one candidate

and get jilted at the alter.


A G.M. is always well advised
to interview several top candidates.

Sometimes a dark horse contender
may blow the other candidates away

with an outstanding detailed plan
of how he would run the team.

I have a strong feeling that Chapdelaine might be that dark horse that impresses Desjardins the most, Ron. He comes from a Grey Cup Champ, learned a lot about how to coach from Buono, always looks very calm and in control on the sidelines, has always got the most out of his QB's, and is French-Canadian, like Desjardins. Maybe having a French-Canadian head coach would sway some great French-Canadian players, who usually prefer to play for Montreal, to play in Hamilton instead.

I'm curious: is this the same Jacques Chapdelaine who played with the Ticats in the late 1980s? If so, why did he leave the team? I don't think this has been raised in a single article on the coaching situation.

Same fella.

It hasnt been raised because Peters doesnt know anything about CDN football.

The FAN590 reported that Chapdelaine was being interviewed by 2 teams but neglected to say for what position. I don't think he'd leave a Grey Cup winner for anything less than a HC position elsewhere (except maybe Montreal). Actually, as a francophone, he'd be a good fit for the Als as HC or an assistant. If Pinball ever steps down, I'd love to see him in Toronto.

An Argo fan

Team 1040 in Vancouver reported yesterday
that Hamilton had requested and received
permission to speak with Chapdelaine.

We could do a lot worse than Jacques Chapdelaine. I think this guy is a winner and has a heck of a future. I have been rooting for Charlie Taafe and Greg Marshall (the other) but Jacques Chapdelaine will be a successful head coach somewhere eventually. Who knows? Maybe if the Taafe thing falls through .....