TSN reporting Lumsden an Eskimo

To be annouced by Edmonton at Midnight..

Congratulations! Edmonton and Jesse!

Now lets hope Lumsden can fulfill his dream of once playing a full CFL season... :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sportsnet is reporting differently though.

Meanwhile, Sportsnet.ca has learned that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are expected to sign Winnipeg offensive tackle Alexandre Gauthier and re-sign running back Jesse Lumsden.

Here is the link: http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... gos_trade/

hmm... TSN or Sportsnet

Fasten your seat belts folks...gonna be a bumpy night...

(with thanks to Bette Davis)

That's a good find threeminutewarning, this is always a really confusing time right before the opening of free agency but for 2 different sports broadcasters to report 2 different things on the same player is really weird.

Where ever Jesse ends up, whether he is in Edmonton or Hamilton I wish him the best, and still hope he fulfills his dream of playing a full season. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe one is a lapsus...Or they might be both right. Has happened before (Flory) :slight_smile:

Thank you, just doing my civil duty :slight_smile:

This is confusing though. I wonder if this might turn into a situation like with Richard Karikari a few years ago with MTL and WPG where he verbally agreed with both teams but then signed in Montreal if I remember correctly. Makes for some interesting discussion though.

I guess we will soon find out in 31 minutes! lol

Link to TSN? Ive been watching TSN all night and no mention of this...

haha yep. I got to stay up, I`m very curious to see what happens.

WOW. very interesting, two different sources reporting two different things. i think i trust TSN a litte more than sportsnet but i guess we'll find out soon.

I have as well but there are a few sites saying the same thing so its possible we missed something... Maybe it was on TSN5 or however many channels they have now.

Maybe a source close to Lumsden jumped the gun in telling TSN that Edmonton has offered Jesse a contract. Then maybe Lumsden took that offer to OBIE and we matched the offer and then this source broke the news that Hamilton has matched the contract offer from Edmonton?

i still havent seen anything from tsn, im even watching sportscentre and i havent seen a thing about lumsden heading to edmonton.

i get the feeling sportsnet is correct, which is surprising to me, i really expected him to sign with edmonton or T.O

Jesse really wanted to stay in Hamilton
Hope he is able to stay ..

Its midnight, FA Season starts now!

It seems that quote about Lumsden has been removed from that page you posted a link to.

And the free agent market opens… now!

happy free agency!

the score is reporting that the ti-cats are close to signing Rob Murphy and are expected to sign Alexandre Gauthier and Jesse Lumsden

wasn't the score it was sportsnet's ticker