TSN reporting Dan Kepley has resigned

O-Line coach gone too.
Now, there's going to be a lot of player moves before next game.

We had him before. Ended up giving him back.

.....Mark Nelson.....late def. co=ordinator of the Bombers, has just been hired by the esks.....hmmmmm. I wonder if Mike Kelly isn't too far behind :lol: ...

And, they blamed Daley for last year.....hmmmmm maybe they need Daley back too! :lol: :lol: :lol:

re Mark Nelson added to Esks' staff...
he was in trouble at his college job just last month.. from the News & Observer:

East Carolina assistant football coach Mark Nelson has stepped down after admitting breaking NCAA rules by evaluating players during off-season workouts that were supposed to be voluntary, school athletic director Terry Holland announced.
Nelson was hired in February to serve on first-year coach Ruffin McNeill's staff as defensive ends coach and special teams coordinator. In a statement, Holland said East Carolina's office of NCAA compliance has been investigating possible violations of an NCAA rule that prevents coaches from evaluating players during the offseason.
"When a coach observes these normal activities, the NCAA considers the activities to be non-sanctioned out-of-season practice," Holland said in the statement.
Holland said McNeill called in Nelson to discuss the possible violations. According to Holland, Nelson admitted violations that are likely to be ruled "secondary" rather than "major" after the school's formal report is filed with the NCAA.

Read more: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/accnow/ec ... k=misearch#ixzz0wziTLOmC

So given the Esks recent outlaw image .. he should fit right in!
Oh, how we pine for a return to the Eskimo Way...

I missed that on, what in particular is this "outlaw image" you are refering to, is this on par with the mythical, unsubstantiated suggestions of salary abuse by the Eskimos some people are fond of using?

LOL ummm... evaluating players during the off-season is a far cry from what I'd call "outlaw" behaviour.