TSN reporting Dan Kepley has resigned

From TSN:

Edmonton Eskimos linebackers coach Dan Kepley resigned his position on Tuesday, days after watching his team get embarrassed by the Calgary Stampeders by the score of 56-15.

The Canadian Football Hall of Famer was in his tenth year as an assistant coach on the staff, with the last four seasons as linebackers coach.

With the loss, the Eskimos dropped to 1-6 on the season, allowing a league-worst 239 points. Last month, general manager Danny Maciocia was fired after the club won their first game following four straight losses to open the season.

Kepley was an integral member of the Eskimos dynasty teams that won five straight Grey Cup titles. He was a three-time Schenley Award winner as the CFL's top defensive player and honoured on the Eskimos Wall of Fame at Commonwealth Stadium.


I'm guessing since he has so much history with the Eskimo's they let him resign to keep some face. He was one of the few coaches on the team that actually showed emotion, how good of a coach he is I have no idea.

The Esks had to do something to appease the fans. Kepley took a bullet for the team.This is the biggest impact thing the Esks could do other than firing coach Hall. The players should feel it was their fault an inspirational and popular coach lost his job...and come out with all guns blazing next game to prove their heart. Kepley could resurface with the team later in the season in an administration role.

Kepley left because he was close friends with Machocia, he was going to quit before the last game but Machocia talked him out of leaving.

says who?

The Esks did nothing , Kepley resigned :roll:

Mutiny on the good ship Eskimo. Reminds me of the Rider teams in the 1980's...internal chaos...hence Leader Post columnist Bob Hughes column "Chaos by the Creek".

Says the Edmonton Journal
"Kepley was reportedly a close friend of Danny Maciocia who was fired as the Eskimos general manager about two weeks ago when the team was 1-4. Sources told The Journal that Kepley was ready to resign that day but decided to stay on at the urging of Maciocia."

Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/K ... z0wxmzGJ80

...Kepley was a great player, not as sure about his coaching....this will not help the team though, turning his back on the green and gold is probably ripping hm apart inside and losing a guy with that much history and love for his club can't have a positive effect in the locker room...

I could certainly think of a few guys who should've gone before him... The sad thing about this team right now is certain coaches are only holding onto their jobs because we don't have a GM.

Does this organization have any plan beyond lurching through this season and hoping to squeak out a few wins because the other team gets sloppy / complacent? How does the defense benefit from not having any linebackers' coach until the end of the year?

I agree with Artie. If they were planning to houseclean like this, they should have brought in the new GM first so he could begin putting his people in place and evaluating talent for next year. If they wait until the offseason to hire the GM, he's going to inherit a team in total disarray without having had at least the 2010 season to assess where and how to make changes going forward.

It's been reported on Twitter by Arash Madani OL coach Jeff Bleamer has been fired.


As is TSN... http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=330912

it begins.

and it's far from over, just no idea when it ends.

I think what is needed is an intervention like the reality show " Wife-Swap" except BC and Edmonton swap coaches for the next 6 games and see what happens. Can't hurt and nobody has to get fired. :lol: :lol:

....WOW....sounds a bit like the Peg of last year.....difference being Bauer lasted the season...I think Hall will be next when the new gm takes over....probably be a complete clean-out and start from scratch...Player movement is not out of the question either....The esks. are really needing an o line over-haul...Expect a deal or two :roll:

I'm all for trading talent if it gets us some good draft picks. :thup:

The sun made it sound like keply was fired

And I will drive Jacques Chapdelaine to the Airport....car is idling!

always post links to sources of information when you make statements like that. I am from BC, why would I read an edmonton newspaper