TSN Reporters Show Once Again Slags CFL

Hall of fame is not an issue for me either!
Its just the attitude of the people who work for the network!

How long would people work for their companies if they publicly knocked their product or service?

Wow Ro this is your lucky day go buy a lotto ticket. I am going to agree with you the second time today. Can the sorry lot of them. :lol:



They are yesterday's men , stuck in their distant past. :thdn: :roll:

They don't even know what is going on at their own T.V. station. :roll: Or in their own town regarding the CFL.

Lets see what they say when the 2007 GREY CUP sells out?

Some people in Toronto will find some way to put it down.

They wouldn't even be satisfied if JESUS CHRIST was the GREY CUP half time show.

Again complaining here does nothing [not that you were] , you have to write TSN.

Letters do work and they have been working slowly at getting the message out. :thup:

Agreed HT.

HT, I hoper that you guys (cfl fans) in the Toronto area put on a great party at a sold out show. We all know regardless of how well it is done the news media will compare it to the NFL marketing machine. The thing is we have to show them that the GC is Canada's show. Get rowdy and have a great time.

Red are you coming for the game and pancake breakfast?

I dod not think I will make the trip this year. But wish the best for those who can make it. I will be down in the desert again with my search and rescue dogs once again. At my favorite watering hole in Las Vegas.

That's one less westerner who will not be able to party with us Center of Universe type.

I'll be there though ... one more westerner who will be partying with you Centre of the Universe folks ... (first GC outside of Alberta)

Good job CK, we'll have to get together before and after the game my Argos smoke your Stamps

Why , thank you. :thup:

I would like the ARGOS to be in the game.Being an ARGO fan.That would be a sell out for sure and get even more media attention , here.After 20 years of the Toronto media's CFL bashing and every year of , " I have an NFL team, dream " , by PAUL GODFREY :thup:

A sell out [before hand] GREY CUP game in TORONTO can not be ignored by sponsors , business people , NFL fans , and the media ect..... :thup:

If it is sold out before hand and they get some huge entertainment , allot of people here will be having allot of CROW for dinner :lol: :thup:

So , I won't care who is playing , even if it is HAMILTON. :lol: :thup:

Even those who try to put it down will not be taken very seriously and may even put off a bunch of people , finally. :thup:

It would be great CFL KARMA. :lol: :thup:
And great for all of the CFL :thup:

like the Reporters is really a big show, if your going to watch a TSN show then watch off the record, unlike the reports it doesn’t Slag the CFL it actually has alot of CFLers on, Milt Stegall the touchdown Begal, John Avery, Simon, Lewis, Westwood, PINBALL to name a few of the guys(CFLers) who have been on off the record.

The biggest thing about TSN right now is that it’s not giving any real promotion to the CFL during the off-season, they don’t have some sort of atleast 30(could easily be 1H) minute CFL show once a week as they do for the NHL during the off-season. Some sort of CFL show with Dunigan or Shultz where every week they could review the going ons of the CFL, pre-view things like the Draft.

in late may they can do several 1 hour pre-views of each team Prior to camp kickoffs and they could do either 8 30 min or 4 1H specials in the week of CFL kickoff.(late June)

aren't the top reporters in canada mainly the ones that are on shows such as Hockey night in Canada and Primetime Sports?

Alot of them are Hockey Reporters but other guys like Ed Tait are up there.

For the Reporters you basicly have 2 Hockey and 2 Boxing Reporters it seems.

McCown and Brunt are alot Better then Dave Hodge and Steve Simmons.

I just sent this to TSN...

[i]To Dave Hodge,

Dave, why can't you and your buddies on The Reporters support the CFL? What is up with the CFL bashing? Aren't you proud of your own country? The NFL is overrated and the CFL is underrated. The Grey Cup in TO is almost sold out, 8 months in advance!! You guys are out of touch...[/i]

I have my Grey Cup tickets. I can't wait to travel down the 401 for the party!!!

Interesting. I hope it gets them to change their ways, but I doubt it will. Let us know what they write back, if anything …

I didn't see the show but maybe this slagging by Hodge and Cox etc. is part of them being jealous that the HoF is not located in Toronto and therefore they'll bash it, I don't know. Jealousy sometimes is at the heart of issues I think. Or backlash agains't Pinball not being in already. Who knows. But really, does Dave Hodge or Damien Cox know the difference between a football and say a baseketball? Probably not so what can you expect I suppose.

I'm not going to try to justify the actions of these TSN Reporters. But, you have to realize where they're coming from.
They work in T.O., the centre of the universe.
They spend upwards of 90% of their time dealing with the BlueJays,(who have won World Series), Maple Leafs,(Stanley Cup way back when)and lately Raptors (16,000 attendees twice a week).

They are influenced greatly by the "SUITS" who sit in the platinum seats at the ACC.
Now, those "suits" do NOT care about the CFL, or lacrosse's ROCK for that matter.

It's a case of the media catering to those whom they perceive to be in control of the sports attitudes of an entire city, province, country.

They will continue to downplay the CFL, especially when they can pick on a perceived slight to Pinball.