TSN Reporters Show Once Again Slags CFL

Amazing how this show, which spouts that it supposedly has the "pre-eminent" writers in Canada on its panel, always seems to have nothing good to say about the CFL.

Whenever they do mention the league, they always treat it as a joke. With DAve Naylor, a CFL writer believe it or not, making all kinds of snide comments. With Dave Hodge and the rest joining in.

Today they talked about the Hall of FAme inductions. And instead of talking seriously about why Pinball Clemons wasn't in the Hall, Damien Cox's only comment was "who cares about the CFL hall of fame".

And then Dave Naylor, again the Globe's CFL writer beleive it or not, with some big hillbilly grin on his face makes another snide comment. Then Dave Hodge makes another negative comment about the league. And then they go to commercial?

Never mind the CfL is the second most popular league in Canada. It seems that it doesn't matter to these folks. Because if it ain't from down south, they just don't care. OR even take it seriously.

But of course when they talk baseball, or basketball, or the NFL, its in hushed, praiseworthy terms.

Never mind there's millions of CFL fans out there who care about this story. (Then again this show also slagged the NHL as well. I guess until the Americans like hockey, its off their list as well).

These supposed "pre-eminents" could care less about the CFL despite its huge fan base, even in Hogtown. And these are supposedly the best writers in Canada? Maybe in Hogtown. But then again. That ain't saying squat.

And everyone was so happy when TSN bought exclusive rights to televise the CFL

i wasn't

Personally, I couldn't care less about the CFL Hall of Fame. Then again, I don't give a rat's arse about any other Hall of Fame, either. Who is/is not inducted does nothing to skew my perception of players and their talents.....or lack thereof.

That said, I wonder if these insightful individuals who continually slag Canadian sports seemingly on the basis that they are, in fact, Canadian, have any idea that they're looked on as imbecilic by many?

I don't lose any sleep over the CFL Hall of Fame as well. But the way these guys ridiculed it and marginalized was very sad.

Thing is they were comparing the CFL Hall to baseball and the NFL Halls of Fame. And of course told us how great and hallowed those were, while the CFL's was made to look like a farce.

The only guy who showed any professionalism was Steve Simmons. The rest, including CFL writer Dave Naylor, acted like idiots.

Hard to believe the CFL is Canada's second most popular league when you listen to these guys. Typical Hogtown American hero worshipping know nothings.

My thoughts exactly strawberry, for commentators who are supposed to be insightful and have their finger on the pulse of the Canadian sports fan, they show themselves to be truly in the dark.

im curious what the ratings are for the reporters show?...

i doubt many people watch it regularly.

I read its around 80-90,000. Although its shown nationally, its strictly a show for the Toronto audience, as most TSN shows are.

They always talk about Toronto centric things, which is probably why the ratings are so low.

I rarely watch this show anymore, becuase these guys always tick me off. I just don't get where their overall lack of respect for Canadian sports comes from?

Its such a Toronto person's show!

I like PTI (Pardon the Interuption) from ESPN wayyyy better..

Fortunately for me, Im asleep by the time these pathetic excuses for journalists come on here. If I need a cure for insomnia , I will watch them, :lol: . PTI isnt much better, IMO(sorry jman), just more of the same. A show made for a Toronto audience, no wonder its called Toronto's Sports Network.

I thought Stevie Simmons (I think thats his name) had some good points about the issue. The Hall makes its process a secret, where other sports publish the list of nominees and only let in a few. He says that if the CFL Hall made the decisions more political, and put more reasoning behind their selections, more people would care, and the process would be much better.

Fair enuf haha

Well again really who cares about wht these clowns think. I realize they out bid the other networks for the cfl games but this out fit is a joke as far as the sports writers who are biased anyway. The game production is not bad but could improve.

Agreed how talk about any leagues Hall of Fame is a waste of time.
Having said that, there is no question how some of these so call reporters and hosts on TSN and in fact all other networks continue to slag the CFL and treat is like their perception of second rate.
Hodge does surprise me somewhat as he was the voice of the Argos on radio doing play by play for many years.
Cox on the other hand has been a convert of late to the CFL.
As for Naylor, he is just an idiot and like his cohort Steven Brunt, has nothing good to say about the sport.

You would think that after spending all the money that TSN did for exclusive rights, the brass would tell its announcers to promote the game. Or at least not knock it!

I think some CFL fans from toronto area should pay these guys a little “visit”

You would think.

funny that Steve Simmons was the moderate one, he,s bashed the CFL for 20 or more years, he was all over the ricky williams band wagon, perhaps he actually listened to R.W when he stated that the level of play is equal to nfl, in the cfl. IMO the reason they cfl bash is all peer pressure at the office , Inspite of this the cfl is growing in popularity, Im not a marketing expert but most media are out of touch with new trends. If you folkes think the show was biased against the CFl, its been that way for 30 years in Southern Ontario! and it wont change as long as there is talk of nfl in T.O (FACT)!

Well RO1313, it looks like we agree on something,lol
Well said.

That would be just too simple! :roll:

I agree with jm02's comments, Hall of Fame is really not an issue for me either.