TSN Replays

Did anybody notice in the Edmonton game that at least in the first half TSN hardly showed any replays of questionable officiating calls. When Maas challenged illegal contact after Edmonton had been stopped on a second down short pass, TSN did not show a single replay of the challenge during the command centre review. Eventually after the decision they showed a brief long distance overhead replay of the play with no explanation. Normally they show something like that from several angles, several times to keep the viewers entertained and make their own decisions. Not long after that on another Edmonton drive the Cat's were called for DPI knocking down a second down pass and again only one brief replay where the actual incident was almost out of the picture.
Interestingly both led to Edmonton's first two touchdowns after their drives had been stopped. The first challenge replay I played several times. You couldn't see player numbers in the distance shot but you could see every player on the field and the only contact made was about 20+ yds downfield when a receiver made a cut and brushed the defender. Even with the way they've been calling IC this year it was questionable but what was truly laughable was that it occurred while the actual receiver on the play was making the catch 20 yds. away. The second one you couldn't see what happened.
An attempt to keep officiating controversy down perhaps or were they having technical problems?

I noticed at least once during the game, in stadium they never showed a replay. And one other time we were left sitting for quite a while wondering what was going on, and when they finally did something it was "After review, the result of the play is..." we never even knew a review was going on.

Would have been nice to know when a play was under review while we were sitting around in game.... first three reviews our section had no idea why there was a delay in the action

TSN has been pretty quick to jump to a commercial as soon as a challenge flag is thrown. Heck - they jump to a 15-second commercial BETWEEN SNAPS OF THE FOOTBALL. I know that they need the advertising money, but that is too ridiculous.

The review that no one even knew was happening completely killed the vibe of the game at that point. There was no announcement from Proulx about a review, players were standing around chatting, and it took a lot longer than a commercial break. Looked as if no one knew what the hell was happening on the field.

Not only noticed it, but complained about it in my after the game comments to the Ti-Cats.

I saw Proulx trying to announce the challenge but the stadium music operator kept the music up so loud that even if his mic was working the announcement wasn't heard. (or if he gave up waiting for them to turn the music off.) Don't know what was seen on TV.

Agree with you :thup: wonder how the GC game is gonna be shown?

They are going to use the field as a giant green screen …super imposed commercials while the game is played.