TSN ratings UP...........5%.......this year.

And the CFL is on the cover of TIME mag…

The CFL mags …are selling great…as are the CFL…DVDS. :shock: :smiley: :idea: :arrow:


we will catch up to the NFL is no time!

Where can i get the DVD’s of the CFL and the teams anybody know the best place to order them online or stored that offer them??

I just saw them at the CFL hall of fame online store


This dude can’t be 24, like he says…can’t be. Holy sh*t if he is…

For the GREY CUP 2 dvd set…you can go to…


and click on cbc shop :smiley:

They are also av…at… amazon.ca

type in …2004 GREY CUP Experience.

For the teams… type in …CFL TRADITIONS…and your teams name…

There is also a CFL magazine and you can get that 1 here at this site. :smiley:

to bad it is only the canadian version of TIME. wouldnèt that be awesome if they had a cfl story in the US version!

Written like a true Canadian…I see nothing wrong with it being on the Canadian edition…

The message needs to get out to CANADIAN business and football fans first…then lets worry about the U.S. side.

No doubt. Jesus. I mean maybe if i put exclamations and smilies after everything i say it will be that much more effective. !!! :evil: !!! :evil: !!!. I mean not every sentence needs ***cking exclamations. By the way do you remember the seinfeld when elaine was putting exclamations after all her regular ass sentences at work. Funny **it , ahhh seinfeld.

why do you guys keep picking on the dude. He is obviously a bigger CFL fan than anyone on this site and has an immense passion for the game. Just leave him be and let us all be friends!!!:):):slight_smile:

There are a small few here that complain about EVERY THING.

I’m 20.

WOW …20…I am 44…

IMO, u both act immature

how is that , by having fun…go to see a game now , if that is O.K. with you. :lol:

you are 16 right? . :lol: