TSN Rankings (Week 7)

Week 7 Rankings (previous rank in parenthesis)

  1. Calgary (2)
  2. Saskatchewan (1)
  3. Toronto (3)
  4. B.C. (4)
  5. Hamilton (6)
  6. Montreal (5)
  7. Edmonton (7)
  8. Winnipeg (8)

I think they got it about right this time. Can't argue.

the only change I would make is to put Sask and Calgary in a tie for first... Sask won by 15 a few weeks ago, and Calgary won by 15 last Friday... so not much to choose between to two IMO...

Power Rankings reflect where teams are now. I might have kept Saskatchewan on top if it was a close game, but the way Calgary blew them out I think Calgary should be on top. Not much of a gap between 1 and 2 though, but a big jump down to 3 and again down to 4.

WOW!!!! We didn't even play.....and still moved up a spot!!!! :lol: :smiley: :thup:

You played last week Ralphie. You just forgot. Here, have a crayon and some glue. :wink:

seems right… Saskatchewan was extremely undisiplined this week and basically did not show up until half time… they need to stop playing such sloppy first halfs… its not going to go well for them the rest of the season… its ok if you play a poor team, but if you are playing a better team, such as the stamps… well… we saw what happened…

Blew us out? Did you even watch the game or just read the score?? Lol

Not everyone watches the games wearing green coloured glasses. Maybe it wasn't a blowout, but the Riders never held the lead and the Stamps had 3 good quarters while the Riders only had 1 good quarter.

A convincing enough win to conclude that either:

  1. Stamps and Riders are very evenly matched teams, home field makes the difference.
  2. The Riders were the better team early in the year, but the Stamps are now the better team.

But it seems that Rider fans want to conclude that the Riders were the better team for the first 5 weeks based on a week 2 15 point home field win by the Riders but the week 6 15 point home field win by the Stamps means that the two teams are evenly matched. That's trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Hands up if you're a Rider fan and you argued that the Stamps were as good a team as the Riders after the week 2 Riders win.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

CBC rankings: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/opini ... k-7-1.html (Calgary, SSK, Toronto, BC, Hamilton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton).

Mine (as usual, 5-8 don't have a lot to choose between them, order any way you like and I won't argue):

  1. Calgary - Doesn't seem to matter who is at QB, they find a way to win. This time that way was with the running game.
  2. Saskatchewan - Took several very poorly timed penalties to extend drives and were run over in the first half. Came to play in the second half, but it wasn't enough.
  3. Toronto - Looking forward to when they play the other top teams to try and see where they really fit, but they sure are good at carving up the bottom feeders like a roast.
  4. BC - Look shaky at times, but are a threat to win any night.
  5. Hamilton - As that young secondary gains experience, they could be a threat down the road. At the moment... someone in the bottom half had to go here.
  6. Edmonton - The bad news is that they keep losing. The good news is that they' tend to be in it for most of the game. It won't take a huge improvement to convert some of those losses to wins.
  7. Montreal - Why is Noel Devine on this team? He's coughing up turnovers at the rate of 1 per game! That's an absolute joke. Then again, the entire first half against the Argos was a joke.
  8. Winnipeg - Well I would have put them above Montreal if you asked me yesterday. Then this happened:
A CFL source told Sportsnet that Goltz was told by Winnipeg coaches that the mission is to “win now,? and there “isn’t time to develop him.?
And the QB carousel (or "revolving door" as Matt Dunnigan referred to it last week) goes on. Throwing guys to the wolves and praying that they somehow succeed isn't a plan.

I agree with your rankings Tridus.

A case could be made for switching the Bombers and Als despite the absurd quarterbacking carousel and cleaning a front office 1/3 of the way through the season. They battled the Lions hard and played inspired "D." More than can be said about the Als' last game against Toronto.

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

Well idk why you're assuming I think the Riders are a better team than the stamps. Don't really know where your green glasses comment comes from. I admit the stamps outplayed the riders and are just as good as us. I simly question the statement that they blew us out. The stamps may have had the lead the entire 60 mins but up until cornishs big run the riders were in it.

I would have to agree with putting the Riders and Stamps tied for number one. The Riders have played four on the road as opposed to Calgary's three on the road. Both have played the same quality teams, and both have beat each other at home. Not to mention the spread between the points for and the points against right now substantially favours the Riders still being in that top spot. By the logic that we have to take a "snapshot" of where teams are right now would mean that Hamilton would be ahead of the Riders simply because they beat the Eskimos by one point in their last game.

It was 13-0 after one quarter and 16-0 before the Riders got on the board. They trailed 26-7 at the half and after getting back in the game in the third (26-20) they gave up 16 4th quarter points. Cornish out rushed the Rider team, not just Sheets, the whole team and his 4 TD's alone were enough to win the game.

I did watch the game, but I watched it without the green and white glasses, had you done the same you would be able to admit that the Riders got thumped by Calgary just as badly as Saskatchewan thumped them back in week 2.

I think we have different definitions of blow out and thumping cause I don’t believe thst either game week 2 or last was a blowout or a thumping. To me the first game against hamilton sas a blowout. To me 21+ points is a thumping not 16 or 13 or 6 or even 19 at the half. This is the CFL. 19 point difference at the half??? Please…

Is this serious? So you think, using that logic, that the Hamilton team that beat Edmonton is better than The Rider team that lost to Calgary? Where Hamilton is right now is a team struggling to put offense, defense and special teams together in the same game and they beat the weakest team in the league by a single point. Saskatchewan got manhandled by the only other top team in the league losing for the first time this year. And that's the problem, Saskatchewan lost and the green and white faithful just can't accept that their precious Riders lost a game.

It's pathetic the way some Rider fans grasp at any excuse (aside from the obvious, the Riders had a bad game) to excuse and justify a loss. :roll:

We need to settle this with an online poll. That will give us a totally unbiased opinion. :wink:

21 is a thumping, but the 19 is so close it's nail biting time? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Rider fans are hilarious. In a sadly pathetic way. :lol:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzfYyMkz5u8........Ralphie]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzfYyMkz ... ...Ralphie[/url] Wiggum!!!! :lol: :rockin: ..Ralph are you eating your paste??