TSN Radio..

received the thanks for attending email last night from the Cats. In the email it had mentioned the kickoff to TSN Hamilton radio. which was great I've been waiting for this station, I turned it on this morning 10ish on my way to work and the US show Dan Patrick was on . all about NFL and college ball. :cry:

a quick TSN sports update comes on it goes in this exact order

Blue Jays lose and who they are playing next
Tom Brady has been frustrated this offseason over deflate gate.
than the Ticats beat Argos

I turned it off. I don`t know why i was surprised, I was expecting this.

just another Toronto media station :x

probably going to give it another listen on the drive home tonight. you better come through TSN Toronto.. err Hamilton

I listened on line from 12-1 pm to-day and they had an hour of nothing but Ticats talk , live interviews with Scott Mitchell , Byran Hall , Zack , Scholtzy from TSN , they rehashed the game from yesterday and went on to talk about Friday night coming up . It was excellent .
I believe there will be lots of CFL talk in general with the emphasis on the Ticats , be lots of Bulldogs stuff as well , but also ,there has to be other stuff to fill all the hours of programing needed .

figures I'd miss It but seriously only 1 hour? no point in havin Hamilton talk on a Hamilton sports radio station during the morning commute I guess :wink:

I'd be fine it they talked CFL (even the Argos) Bulldogs, Mac sports, Cardinals/Thunderbirds (w/e they are called now)

just no Toronto teams!! whats going to happen when the make me laughs start up!

I wasn't thrilled with the post-game show. I heard two callers before I lost reception. A long winded call from a guy in cave in Kentucky? Some talk about fantasy-pics - which I didn't think was very important to CFL fans. Hopefully it picks up and they get into a groove.

I didn't listen to the post-game show, but the pre-game show was great. Lots of guests, good interviews, fast pace. Ferguson did well for a rook broadcaster. Milton and Matt Cauz are very entertaining, too.

I'm looking forward to listening to Tatti's Ticat observations on the noon show going forward. Yes, guy!

TiCats at Noon with Jim Tatti and then Marshall Ferguson/Steve Miton from 4-7 each day. Mia Gordon doing TSN Sports Centre updates during afternoon. That’s the local lineup so far. Broadcast all TiCats and Marauders games at this point.

I’m sure more local content will be added as it evolves.


TSN 1290 in Winnipeg was all day CFL ,right from 7am to now, they are ripping apart the Bombers :oops: They air the Dan Patrick show during some holidays, only. Then we flip the dial to CJOB at 6 and listen to the coaches show, which is going to be messy !!!

if they had a jealous smiley face I'd post it. that's what im talking about it should be all day long? or atleast 9am to 9pm

Drive home. Nothin notta,was all nfl talk from an american station. That was also playing on 1050!?!?

The stations advertising came on and it said "Hamiltons sports radio station for all your Ticat Leafs and bluejay talk." :roll:

Call me when its actually a Hamilton sports radio. If i wanted to hear about Leafs Raptors Jays there is plenty of Toronto stations my radio picks up.

As the kids say.. EPIC FAIL!

Ryan, are you sure you were listening to 1150? I listened to the drive home show from 4 til 7pm. It was not an American syndicated show at all. It was Steve Milton and Marshall Ferguson. First hour was 100% dedicated to Ticats talk, including a great live interview with Kent Austin. I was thoroughly impressed. Loved the "Ticats Lunch" show as well. How much more Ticats talk do you want? In my opinion, with the 8 hours they devoted to the Cats yesterday, coupled with the Lunch and Drive home shows today, we have never in history had more Tiger-Cats radio coverage!

I listened at 4pm as well. All TiCats for an hour, with Marsh and Milton.

Epic PASS.

Hi oskee. Just my luck, i dont leave work till 7 :cry:

Listening now. It's all NFL talk

I must have the worst timing OR they clearly don't talk about the CFL enough.

Let's change the name to 1150 TSN Toronto's 2nd sports station.

Every day at noon they spend an hour on The Ti-Cats lunch

So what your saying is on a TSN radio show dedicated to Hamilton sports we get 1 hour a day for the Ticats?!.

And what maybe another hour between 4-7?

2 hours of the day talking about our cats on a radio station for Hamilton.

At 9am I just turned it on and it's still all NFL talk.
Wait until the leafs start up.
As I said before it's just another Toronto sports station. You maybe fine with it but you shouldn't be.

It's sports radio, not Ti-Cats radio, so yeah they're going to have coverage of all sports.

I can't see what else they'd be able to cover with more than 5 hours a week.

Guess they could talk about helmet bubbles

Even two hours a day every day can be tough to fill talking about one team or even an entire 9 team league without getting VERY repetitive and filling time with a ton of totally inane stuff.

Heck even talking about all the other sports trying to fill hours every day you get into some pretty inane stuff to fill all that time.

T-Pat. You mean like the every radio station does about the Leafs and Jays? Same crap over and over.

Like we need another station to talk about those teams :roll:

Anyways imo TSN just needed another station to talk about NFL while they talk about Leafs Jays and Raptors on 1050.

Lmao. :thup:
They may as well. On the DP show at 10am there was an ex Bills player and he spent more than 20 mins just talking about his diet?!

I’d rather hear about our tiger cat diets than some ex NFL player.