TSN Radio

Does anyone outside of Toronto have a local station pumping out TSN Radio? I hope 1290 in Winnipeg picks up the TSN radio feed. Rather hear about the hockey playoffs than NBA basketball

From what I have heard locally here in Toronto, so far there is no difference between TSN radio and Fan 590.
Both are wannabes and it's over the top hockey, hockey, hockey 24/7.
You have to send a search party to locate ANY CFL talk.
How sad.

Well it is hockey playoffs, I'm sure there will be more CFL as the hockey playoffs wind down one can only hope. The first round of the playoffs, while entertaining in many respects, already seems way too long for one round.

Give it time. What are they going to talk about? This is the dead period during the CFL off-season and the NHL playoffs are in full swing. I'm sure you'll see more coverage as the draft approaches and than before training camp.

It's too bad they don't have their podcasts on archive though.

Yeah, I'm not sure why this would come as a surprise to ArgoTom. I think he thinks every sports channel and radio station should discuss the CFL 24/7.

Regarding the length of the NHL playoffs, I see two reasons for it. 1. There's more competition in the NHL, and 2. It's harder to win. Take a look at the NBA, a league where there's very little competition. Boston swept NY, and Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and OKC are on the verge of winning in 5. This is partly why I think the NBA should've stuck with the best-of-5. The first round is such a waste of time. At least in the NHL, a series will go the distance. We already have 3 games 7s, and if Montreal can win tonight, we'll have 4.

Well I tuned into 1050 for a bit this morning and who ever was on was not talking hockey but football. Of course it was NFL, NFL and more NFL and how angry he will be if there is no football (re:NFL) to watch this season. No mention from him at all about having CFL to watch. Now I haven't listen to a lot of TSN radio yet and it is still early in their life, but it is starting to sound not to much different then the FAN.

Well wouldn't that be a switch for a change CFL football talk 24/7.
Sign me up please.
But in reality I have never said that, all most of us want is responsible coverage.
You know that the CFL is the 2nd most favourity sport in our country, year in and out.
How about proportionate coverage to reflect same?

The NHL is in the first round of the playoffs, the NFL was just forced to end its lockout, and the CFL... Well, there's nothing going on with the CFL right now. The only thing worth mentioning is the Moncton tickets going on sale on May 11.

I'm sure you'll hear them discussing the CFL when training camp/pre-season gets here.

I’m with Chief.

Sure there’s not much CFL talk on TSN radio at present, but that is as it should be. . . there’s nothing going on, we’re in the dead zone of the offseason. Free agent frenzy, such as it was, is long past, and training camps are still to far off in the future.

TSN is the exclusive TV broadcaster of the CFL, and they do advertise their radio station as the official voice of the Argos. … so I’m sure we’ll get far better CFL coverage on TSN radio than we will from FAN590… . when the time comes.

Mike Richards on weekday mornings will talk CFL once the season gets started.

Mike Hogan has been hosting the Saturday early afternoon shift (11:00 to 3:00 I think)
on TSN 1050-- and if anybody on that station is going to talk CFL, it will be Hogie !


....I believe OUR draft is coming up within a week....Sure is a lot of interest with the Bombers considering their pics....The nfl has their draft tomorrow....then dead air....The owners are now telling players to come-back when the lock-out ends...pretty well putting the kibosh on any work-outs AND owners have also appealed the latest judges ruling ...and noting what takes place in the legal system time-wise...i'd say there won't be much to talk about in the nfl for quite awhile :wink: T.C. can't come quick enough for this fan :rockin:

Agreed totally.

Your rational and together with Chief makes no sense.
Why is there no down time with hockey in the summer months?
Plus, the CFL as the second favourite sport in Canada each year does not garner anywhere close to this well deserved coverage in the media.
Hockey, hockey, hockey 24/7 is way over the top.

Speaking of making no sense, am I the only one having trouble parsing this sentence?

Hockey, hockey, hockey 24/7 is way over the top.
And nooow, speaking of over the top....

It's great how you engage in the behaviour you criticize in the very sentences in which you criticize that behaviour.

I also don't know how you can, with a straight face, criticize a station that goes on air around the same time as NHL playoffs start for talking about hockey rather than football. Did you expect them to open with something like "Welcome to the brand new TSN radio. We know that the most exciting time in the NHL season is about to start, so we're going to talk about CFL for no reason, even though it's the most uneventful part of the year for the CFL"?

I don't care when the TSN station started, I want a diversity of sports talk and not just hockey babble.
Prioritize based on the time of season but not overkill.
And no US only sport feeds like ESPN.

Holy crap. Everytime I view these forums, there's some whining CFL fans that feel they are being "dissed" somehow or the league is being slighted. Launch day on TSN, Richards started with full segments featuring Mark Cohon and Jim Barker.
We're now in the thick of NHL playoffs with some great hockey, and you're whining that they're talking about hockey! That's a surprise. Richards is a huge CFL fan, when there's something to talk about in the CFL, he'll talk about it. Quit bitching already!!

As in my first post, is TSN Radio in any other city than Toronto? I hope it will soon!

On the TSN Radio homepage, it says, "TSN RADIO 1050 will work closely with Bell Media Radio's portfolio of market-leading all-sports radio stations in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and Ottawa." which gives the impression that they're working on expanding to other regions, but so far, it's only available over the air in Toronto.

It's not very useful if you're not at the computer, but you can listen online here


whether you're in Toronto or not.

I've listened online from the first day and overall I enjoy it. Mike Richards talked often about
cfl football while he was in Calgary and I love that some of his first interviews on tsn were with Cohon and Barker.

I also like this time of year in the cfl because there are new signings every few days, talks of the mini camps the teams are allowed to run and who's invited (or not invited). Teams are putting together pieces of the puzzle and I find it fun to speculate how the teams might shape up.

We've had some feeds on 1290 in Winnipeg. Would rather hear 1050 Mike than ESPN's Mike tandem in the morning.