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"TSN Radio a reality
Globe and Mail Update
Published Friday, Jan. 21, 2011 1:56PM EST

TSN Radio is a reality, and Mike Richards has been signed to become the morning drive host in Toronto.

While officials at TSN declined comment Friday, The Globe and Mail has learned that the long-rumoured radio operation will go ahead later this year, after BCE Inc. takes full control of CTV Inc., the parent company of TSN. The radio initiative to challenge The FAN 590 and extend the brand to its TEAM stations across the country has been one of the prime projects championed by BCE's Bell Canada unit as it takes over operations.

Richards has signed on for the proposed new station that will broadcast on the 1050 band in Toronto."

Great news! The CFL will get the respect it deserves on the radio now. Goodbye Fan 590 (well, except for the Bobcat).

Wouldn't it be great if TSN radio hired Hogan? He would probably bring back Football Fridays with Schultz - the two hour version, heck, maybe three.


Ding Dong... the FAN is dead!

Sound great! I only watch TSN now since I know the CFL gets the respect it deserves, well apart from the odd hockey game on Sportsnet and CIS games on The Score. But TSN radio sounds intriguing.

TSN Radio has taken out a starter page in Winnipeg: http://www.sportsradio1290.com/

In other news, they talk sports in Winnipeg. Who knew?

Thats great news for my BCE stock! Buy now people!

I used to enjoy, along with my son and daughter listening to the morning show on the Fan 590 on the way to dropping them off at school. We would listen to the guys talk about sports, a novel concept on a Sports radio station I guess.

However after two or three mornings with Mr. Kystal and particularly with Mr. Roenick I no longer listen to the “show,” and certainly did not want my son listening to it and my daughter would not listen to it.

Let’s just say that I want my son to know how to use the English language without using profanity which is simply lazy thinking and to also be able to talk about women and sports in a far more respectful way which they certainly did not.

I get that they were talking to guys “16-35,” but my daughter as well likes to listen to sports talk or at least she did, not anymore by a long shot.

I hope the new TSN radio is better, if it is they’ll have use as new listeners.

Mark Masters tweeted that ESPN's Dan Shulman will become a regular contributor to TSN.

Hmmm....maybe TSN RADIO?

Not to be negative, but I hope this does not turn out to be hockey talk, hockey talk, 24/7 and throw in some NFL with only a side dish of CFL?

I hear ya. That's why I don't listen to the Fan much. Bobcat has a varied line-up but since Hogan left Roger's agenda was too much to tolerate.

Yes that's why I have stopped listening all together, with only a little bit of Bobcat.

tsn radio on 1050 chum starting april 13 and will have the exclusive broadcast of the argos this season. which will include a pregame and post game show for every game.

Excellent news!

Mike Hogan, where are you?

Wow, what a concept!
We are not used to this here in the center of the universe!

It will be interesting to see if they bring Hogan in as a play by play guy.

Peter Martin's job should be secure ... he is amongst the best in my opinion.

I know you had a pre game show, was there a post on the Fan?

Most of the games never made it to radio, only on the net thanks to being bumped by everyone including their uncle.

Yes, that was unfortunate and I'm sorry your fans endured that. Even if they cheer for the blue team. But, better days ahead. I think TSN Radio will be a fabulous addition to our league. You poor misguided souls will have a reliable radio broadcast, I'm hoping Hogan reappears along with a three hour addition of Football Friday with Chris Schultz, and we'll all be rid of that evil empire known as Rogers.

Now if only a Canadian brewery would buy the Blue Jays I'd be a completely happy camper.

That is sad.

Roger's hidden agenda of killing the CFL in the West Harbour like utopian dream of bringing the Bills to Toronto permanently.

It's disgusting really. After the Conference championship games the Rogers news radio outlets (680 Toronto and 570 Kitchener) promote the Super Bowl like their lives depended on it. Grey Cup week? Hardly a mention. 570 will give the score of the game the following Monday the way they would any other game.

Media bias is alive, well, and sadly unrealized by too many average citizens.