TSN RADIO 1050 Begins in April/Weekly Argos Show, & Games

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/article/argos-partner-with-tsn-radio]http://www.argonauts.ca/article/argos-p ... -tsn-radio[/url]

All the familiar faces from the CFL on TSN tv will be on, along with others... Great news for the CFL, and Argonaut fans... :thup:

I wonder if Mike Hogan will be switching over to TSN radio ?

..I am upset that TSN 1050 took Mike Richards from FAN960 here in cowtown, he is hilarious....

I sure hope so. I was wondering what he's been up to.
Maybe he'll even get another hosting gig.
I only listened to the FAN for Argos broadcasts and his show.

Excellent, will have to check that out for sure! :thup:

What a concept to actually have each game heard on the radio unlike the scam of previous years known as Fan590, the US wannabe radio station.

I don't mind the fan... But when it's part of Sportsnet, you know what is going to get preference. And I don't even mind preference, but when games are pre-empted for another sport that plays 162 games, with one that plays 18, I would think missing one or two, wouldn't be such an issue.

This is great news for the argos and Toronto sport fans!
The Fan590 is a garbage station now.

Yup, as I mentioned on the ticats site, that is sad. But Sportsnet owns the Jays, it's a business. Just good to get outta there that's for sure.