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Every game, without fail, at some point TSN runs an advertisement for some banal song by someone who is a legend only to his own family, and encourages us to "listen on spotify".

What is the point of such an ad? Who is paying TSN for this?

probably Spotify


When the games become more important, will those super-imposed, green screen bulletin board ads that appear on the field for The Brick and KPMG still wash out the players and more importantly the football?


I doubt that the technology will improve or its use disappear because the playoffs have begun

And, can TSN find any eastern grocery store chains willing to pay for commercial time on the TSN's eastern stations?
The young actress who stars in all of this year's Save-on-Foods ads is quite engaging, but we can't find these stores in Ontario.

@GHT120 Then they should dump it.
From Frank 'Unusally Grumpy for a time when the Cats are Winning' Bradley

I think there is a better chance I win tonight's 6/49 Gold Ball draw

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@GHT120 Hey Man, I was planning on winning that!

Apologies ... :smiling_imp:

I seem to recall something about the CFL having some sort of a deal with a music label or distributor to promote their artists. Would not surprise me if the Grey Cup act is somehow related to the artists advertised during the games.

Doubt if the CFL has any connection with Spotify itself.

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Universal Music

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