TSN Productions: Sask vs Montreal

In the Sask game last weekend I noticed that at times ,from a viewers perspective, the game demanded very close attention due to the fact that one half of the field was in sunshine while, on the shady half of the stadium, the darkness lessened the clarity of play for the TV viewers. I also became aware of the fact that the producer ALWAYS began each play with a picture that contained 24 players. Even with our Hi Def big screens,a view of 24 players creates the image of players that makes them appear very tiny.Indeed from this picture, we might not view the ball at all. SLOWLY the camera drew a more meaningful closer vision of the action, finally resting with a closeup frame. Before getting to this, however,I did miss some of the action.
In the Monday game, the weather was raining at times but, I felt the production of the game was better than the game described above. Initial sequences of game action did not display 24 players but this "closer shot"was first a picture of the two offensive lines and the offensive side of the action. In other words, from the get go, the Montreal production demonstrated better viewing, with quicker movement to closeups. I am, of course generalizing but,there initially was a better, more close up beginning viewing in Montreal that, did not feature the 24 player,long distance effect of the SASK production. For the television this made for easier, more clear pictures of the game.
We have a big geography and, different producers will produce different viewing tastes. I believe that TSN should invite the television viewers in all sites to have input re their telecasting.Actually, I find the best picturescome from Vancouver which is a covered stadium with excellent lighting. I look forward to the future stadium in Sask. Will it be covered.

the quality of the broadcasts this year has been really uneven, lots of artifacts on the HD broadcast, audio issues. On monday the whole holding Turkey up was down right strange and then they carved into an obviously cold dried out Turkey... We know its Thanksgiving, you don't need to hold up a plate of meat ! They need a major refresh on TSN. They don't show you starting lineups, sometimes they give you the weather sometimes not, they don't bother to tell their viewers they are switching back to TSN1 but they have time to play with meat... The Paul Lapolice has turned out to be a dud.

I noticed that as well, and didn't like it at all.

I liked Lapolice's segment to start, but not as much any more. When it all started it was more him talking football, not it seems like it is 50/50 him + a panellist, or even more a panellist. The turkey thing is typical cheesy semantics, likely played up even more because it was being broadcast in the US, even if on the silly 2 day delay. You'll see similar things on some NFL broadcasts in a month or so.

I've seen the zoom in on such fields before, and generally felt it was to help with the glare...wide angle to narrow to help people focus...or that has been my persception on why it is done anyways...could simply be one producer's preference.

The shadow in sask could maybe just be fixed with scheduling. Not sure they can do much else with that stadium but I def agree that is sucks watching when half the field is under shadow.


In the old Ivor Wynne,my seats were 3 rows up over the Cats Tunnel,and if a game had a 7-7:30 start in the summer,you were virtually blinded for the 1rst qtr looking towards action in the scoreboard endzone,hopefully with reversing the stadium for THF this will alleviate the problem of staring into the sun for a quarter of the game.I'm sure that when they rebuild in Saskatchewan they will also rectify the shadow problem.

This will likely be the case, however the problem is going to be that the West side stands are substantially larger then the East side ones, which means as the sun sets, they are going to create that shadow spoken of earlier. How bad it will be remains to be seen, I don't think THF is as tall as Mosaic as it seems to have a bit more gentle an angle.