TSN production ''let's play the same song all game every game every year"

enough is enough with this stupid country song.


how do you measure a songs IQ?


How about "Let's have a kickoff $1M dollar contest where 1/2 the country can't play" ?brilliant marketing department at CFL headquarters!


What the TSN coverage really needs is more lingering shots of head coaches because everyone knows football fans tune in to watch 5 minutes per game of head coaches looking at their play sheet.... yikes


beats 30 secs of looking up a players nose.

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just gimme gimme gimme back my game!!!!-- yep getting pretty sick of it and the other one too

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For sure they could do a zoom-in close-up of the coach chewing his gum or spitting to the right, because that's what mass TV audiences demand! :no_mouth:


What TSN really needs is a change in their reporting crews. They are just so bad. Repetitive, explaining the simplest things in detail, starting sentences and letting just trail off bcause they realize how dumb they are, talking about something that interests them instead of showing plays etc. They make the game almost unwatchable. I'm going to have to turn off the sound and listen to the game on the radio.


I was laughing my head off every time they showed Rick Campbell on the sideline; the expression on his face was like he was thinking, "Where am I? How did I get here?"


I also LOVE the CFL promo ads WHILE I'M WATCHING A CFL GAME! What genius thought that up? The department of redundancy?


The best 'hold camera' is on Dave Dickenson. Even when the game is out of hand (either way) Dave Dick is still covering up his lips with the game-call sheet.
Wats up wid dat?


Well, he seems to me like he has it figured it out for such tough times.

I figure he's flipped over from the team mic to a sweetheart on the other line for some spicy chatter for some play action after the game or to some friends with drinking plans after the game before he goes home on a rough night.

He's no rookie.

Here's how they can put an end to that country song and appeal to the core demographics of television audiences for pro sports.

Have the band perform the song live, and during the first refrain have some very portly dude, dressed in his fat man clothes not a toga, reprise this role:

Yup, I thought my PVR was on pause a couple of times. Lol

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I suspect Porky Campbell is pining for a return to his homeland . . . aka Edmonton. Now positioned as the CFL's #1 journeyman coach, Campbell seems to be planning his escape from BC and replace the very contentious Jaime Elizondo, who almost everyone expects will be fired shortly after the season concludes!
Why Campbell is a better bet than Elizondo is beyond my pay grade! Neither seem to have exemplary seasons. Elizondo's excuse is that he's a green rookie HC. What's Campbell's? Having the highest paid, supposedly best QB under centre?


TSN should play Steely Dan's "Ricky Don't Lose that Number" when they mount Campbell for his Freeze-Cams!


He does look confused .

Love that phrase from the

Talking Heads .

You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here


Good stuff. I think many of us have been right there. To each their preference, but it is in such moments, however tough the day or challenges, that I take a sip of my preferred beverage of the day and just sit there and nod to myself because I saw that it was good.

Yep. /Sips drink, nods head

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What happened to “Long Live the Night?”


Little Ricky Campbell is a mediocre head coach at best - - but mediocre is infinitely better than the joke that Jamie “The Tennis Player” Elizondo is.

The ONLY reason Little Ricky got into coaching was thanks to nepotism.

The ONLY reason Elizondo got into coaching was thanks to affirmative action.