TSN Producer says they will pump fake crowd noise for Hockey/Football until fans return

CFL on TSN producer commented about HNIC and TSN production for local NHL broadcasts and has stated they will do the same for what they are planning on doing for hockey and pump fake crowd noise.

This comes a day after CBS Sports has said they will be doing fake noise for NFL and College Football SEC on CBS broadcasts if no fans are allowed inside stadiums.

What do you think? This will be extremely annoying knowing its fake for me. It would be better to have mic'ed up games instead.

ESPN has said for MLB games in empty stadiums they will have enhanced graphics used to make like the stadiums are full by having old video of fans in that stadium used for the live game on television.

I thought they already did that

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Fox has announced that they will use fake noise and virtual fans in their NFL broadcasts.
I know it's supposed to enhance the game but I could live without it when I know that it's fake.
I watched rugby league in Australia in front of empty stadia and you get used to it after a few minutes. After all, one is supposed to be focusing on the game.


..such a dumb idea, like a laugh-track for sports....if they feel this is important, provide it as an option, like close caption...I was looking forward to hearing the players/coaches/refs interact ...

...for example, this past weekend's UFC fight without the crowd noise one of the fighters could hear one of the commentators call the fight and she purposefully changed her game based on his comments and ended up winning...thats pretty cool...

Maybe the CFLPA demanded the fake crowd noise so they don't have to hear Rod Black doing the pbp?


Crap...such a lazy way to go.

I think it would be better to simply enhance the noise from the field or court or ice instead of having fake fan noise. It really sounds taky in some ways to produce fake fan noise for a game.

Why not everything else is fake.

The Bundesleague in Germany will have cut outs of fans in the stands. Fans will pay 100 Euros to have their picture on a cardboard cut out and put on a seat.
Fans will also be able to send feedback on-line and that will be fed into the stadium, they will have options for booing, clapping, cheering etc If you don't like the call that a ref makes you can press the jeer/boo button and it will be fed into the stadium.
If a team scores a goal then the fans can press the cheer button, if thousands of on-line fans press when their team scores it would sound pretty loud in the stadium.
This could be the future of all sports

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Hmm, that sounds pretty cool cflbest to be honest. Yes, you might be correct with this being the future of all sports productions, who knows.

Will they delay so they can match crowd noise... perhaps make the noise really loud on a botched play to make it seem like the crowd affected the game.... or a ref's call?

Talk about Fake News. :thinking::grimacing::smirk:

Akin to lip syncing in some ways in the music biz. :smile:

...add a VR headset to the mix and that could be pretty cool

TSN will make sure the "crowd" cheers the loudest for Toronto based teams. Just like all their programs and on air talent.

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But cheering fans wouldn't;'t be realistic for Argos home games

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pretty sure I am ok with no fan CFL, although I am also pretty sure it will not happen.

no fan hockey would be tougher as the crowd really adds to the excitement. I bet even the announcers would have trouble having the same enthusiasm without the crowd.

what if they use recording of previous games where the crowds were large. Be something to watch a Tor-Ham game and hear someone start chanting, BC SUCKS :slight_smile: