With training camp open in CFL cities across the country, TSN gets fans in shape for the regular season with its CFL TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW SHOW, live on Sunday, June 5 at 5pm et/2pm pt.

Thanks tc for the heads, going downstairs now to set tbe PVR. Hopefully the Nucks win in 4 and bring the SC back to Canada and tben more CFL stuff on sooner than if the series goes to 7.

Cool stuff, I know where I'll be in a few hours! :smiley:

I saw this the other day but totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder. :smiley:

Got beer and cheezies, ahhhh, its that glorious time again! :smiley:

I still nearly forgot. :lol: I miss anything good in the first 15?

The Riders were predicted to go 2-16.

That wouldn't surprise me, no Fantuz, no Bagg for the first 9 games, no Szarka, no Morgan, Durant is heavily overrated IMO, and Wes Cates will probably be the only offensive highlight on this team.

I thought the Eskimos were weak at WR. It looks like BC is just as weak.

I wasn't a fan of Dunnigan's comments about Edmonton. We should get some experience to back-up Ray, but I don't want it to be Kerry Joseph. I'm tired of recycling Joseph and Bishop. Besides, we had Joseph last season, and opted not to bring him back.

I'm not worried about us at reciever. Wally does a great job of finding new tallent. I doubt we'll be the best at any one position this year, but I'm not worried about any a whole lot.
And for the first time in many years, I'm not afraid of our O-line!

Yeah they've been supposed to struggle the last few years but managed to keep pace. I do think this season they will be on the way down personally.

BC's a very young team, but I'm a full believer in Travis Lulay. More importantly, the organization and team is sold on him. Might be our QB for the next 5-8 years. In addition, our O-Line is far, far, far better than last year. That alone should add 2 wins to our total.

Wally finds stars all the time, I'm not worried about receivers. Shawn Gore, for example will get his shot for sure. Paris Jackson will probably bounce back from a so so year and Geroy is still an elite receiver.

in fear of offending people... i hate to admit it, but i am feeling that once again the riders will be a high contender for the west, both regular season and playoffs. It seems like a lot of rookies and benchers could have a good chance this year with bombers, sask and edmonton.

Casey Printers perhaps?

That's funny. :lol:

could we have a full year without bishop, printers, and joseph? perhaps picket is a good esks backup

Did anyone else find the show a bit underwhelming? I was glad to have some CFL talk for an hour, but I felt that the show didn't have enough time. A second hour, which would have allowed for much longer dissections of each team's off-season moves would have made the show much better. Maybe they didn't want to do too much and take away from the season preview show on the 28th, but I just felt like this show could have had more.

One thing that did catch my eye -- and that I am very excited for -- is the Top 50 Current Players show. That is going to be interesting. I think it's a safe bet that Anthony Calvillo will be #1, but after that I think it is wide open. I know if cflisthebest had his way, the Riders' 42-man roster would occupy all 50 spots. :lol:

I find that for the people on the forum it was all stuff we already talked about. maybe it was awsome for the more casual fan. i thought they could have saved the hati stuff for the special as well. good stuff, but nothing to do with the training camp.

I do like that there'll be an additional 4 hours next week. The show today was good for those who didn't follow the CFL over the offseason but was old news to many here. Still, any extra exposure the CFL gets is good!

In fairness, it is a little early so there wasn't really a lot to discuss that wasn't already reported and discussed. Didn't they say there would be another preview show at the end of the month? That one will probably be meatier.

Was that an intentional or unintentional math shot at the Riders?

Completely unintentional. I didn't even think of that. My only thought was that he'd find a way to get retired Riders on the list or he would put Darian Durant multiple times.