TSN Pre-Season schedule

TSN will be showing 4 pre-season games. Montreal and Winnipeg have both their games televised. BC, Saskatchewan, Toronto and Ottawa - one each.

And Calgary, Edmonton and Hamilton fans are going to have to wait for the regular season to see their teams I guess.

[url=http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/tsn-announces-exclusive-live-coverage-of-cfl-pre-season-games-beginning-june-8/]http://www.bellmedia.ca/pr/press/tsn-an ... ng-june-8/[/url]
The CFL on TSN pre-season broadcast schedule* is as follows:

Wednesday, June 8 – Montreal @ Winnipeg at 8 p.m. ET on TSN
Saturday, June 11 – B.C. @ Saskatchewan at 9 p.m. ET on TSN
Monday, June 13 – Winnipeg @ Ottawa at 7 p.m. ET on TSN1, TSN3, and TSN5
Friday, June 17 – Toronto @ Montreal at 8 p.m. ET on TSN

what a shame that this info is no longer available on this site :thdn:

ESPN3 schedule is showing a lot of CFL preseason games including the TiCats/Argos on June 11 at 4PM.

TSN is showing a Euro 2016 game between England and Russia from 3PM - 5PM on that afternoon - which I'm sure is one of the reasons they are not televising that June 11th Argos - Ti-Cats game. TSN is heavily promoting Euro 2016 Soccer as one of their biggest sports properties of the summer.

I suspect it will not actually be on ESPN3 Challenger.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot get excited about the preseason. Cannot wait until the real games to begin.

For me, every year, there is a ton of excitement at the beginning of the season, my interest falls (a bit) by mid season (it is crazy to have 18 games to eliminate 3 teams) and it grows comes fall. This year will be no different .

Pat, ESPN3 is showing every preseason game will be streamed except the last one on June 18.

I would love to know who will be producing their telecasts if that were to happen Challenger.

Usually they show the TSN feed on ESPN3 - if there is no TSN feed - I suspect no game on ESPN3.

That is what they did last year and what I expected this year, but this schedule was just Posted on the WatchESPN web site. Who knows, it will interesting if ESPN does their own broadcast/stream.
I am however, inclined to agree with you.

i for one am relieved they will not be televising the preseason encounter for the Argos v ticats. the hype should be allowed to marinade and sizzle for the league opener on the 23rd

ESPN3 is streaming the games that TSN and RDS are producing, so they will be streaming four games.

WHY WHY WHY would TSN not show Edmonton @ Calgary on June 11 ???
Do Wally B and Chris J run TSN now ?
The 2 best teams from 2015 or the 2 worst teams from 2015 ? HELLO !!!

Because Roughriders = ratings

Werent preseason ratings still double mls reg season ratings last season? Im surprised should all be on tv

That would not be possible.

There are 3 games on June 11 in week 1.
There are 3 games on June 17 in week 2.

BTW, I see the Argos - Als game is on while the Cats - RB's game is not.

Also, what the heck is the CFL doing, not scheduling Ham vs Ott until weeks 17 & 18.
They did that last year and it was stupid. Even more stupid a second year in a row.

The 2 best teams in the East, that will be racing for 1 & 2.
You know after what took place at the end of last season , both these teams and their fans want to get after each other.

Way to go CFL schedule making blunder guy. :roll:

Still a bit odd because I believe the Lions and Riders play 3 times in the regular season and the Stamps and Esks only twice.

I can understand not airing every preseason game, but you would think they would figure out a way to have each team televised at least 1 time in preseason. Hopefully teams stream their games themselves again this year, I thought it worked rather well last season.

TSN has five channels and they can't find a way to show the pre-season?

This has nothing to do with the MLS, it's the EURO soccer tournament. You can go back and check the TSN TV ratings last time they broadcast it in 2012, very good ratings. And with England playing Russia at the same time you can guarantee some big ratings.
It's likely that TSN will not not get the advertising dollars from sponsors if they show a CFL game at the same time as the Euro.
But you are right the CFL pre-season games scored higher than MLS games and I doubt that the TSN would broadcast a MLS game head to head with the Euro either.

Should have at least had all 9 teams shown at least once in pre season . Mind you I am not a big exhibition game guy for any sport . I probably will tune it just to get a fix though as I am an addict .

I like to see the rookies in action and get an idea of who is any good. Became a Reilly fan watching him in preseason with the lions

REILLY ? I know hindsight is 20/20, but do you think Wally is kicking himself for letting him go ?

Not that Wally has ever admitted to a mistake. ( At least not when he was running the Stamps ).

As for showing all 9 teams at least once, I agree .

However, when the CFL schedules 3 games on one night during both weeks, it is impossible.